“Gobbing in the eye of his attacker…”: Gears of War’s Ultimate Edition Features the Redemption of 1 Character We All Hated Originally

Lieutenant Minh was presented different in Ultimate Edition.

gears of war's ultimate edition


  • Gears of War is a franchise that has been iconic ever since the first game came out in 2006.
  • The Ultimate Edition was a total remake of the first game by The Coalition.
  • The remake not only applied a fresh coat of paint, made gameplay changes but also altered a key character.
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Gears of War is undeniably an iconic video game series. After the first four games developed by Epic Games, The Coalition came on board and remade the original title.


The new title, which had the Ultimate Edition prefix and a fresh coat of pain, also made some minute changes to the lore. A fan recently posted on the game’s subreddit, which led to a discussion about a dreaded character’s arc.

Lieutenant Minh’s Death in Gears of War 2006

A screenshot from Gears of War 2006, right before Minh's demise.
Minh’s actions weren’t consistent with his character profile in the first game. Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios

Lt. Minh was a character that many players disliked in the original game, but despite being a lieutenant, he is supposed to be a higher-up among the Delta squad.


However, his death in the original Gears of War (2006) didn’t paint a competent picture of him. The Lieutenant was seen being incredibly careless, issuing redundant orders and then getting killed by the hands of General Uzil RAAM of the Locust Army.

However, this scene was altered in the Ultimate Edition, a total remake of the original game from 2006. A fan recently posted on the Gears of War subreddit regarding the alteration, and this is what he said:

The stupidest nitpick
byu/SadP0tat018 inGearsOfWar

The original scene, as described correctly by the Redditor, made Lieutenant Minh Young Kim’s death appear much more gruesome. RAAM also appeared much more fierce and horrifying in his actions than in the Ultimate Edition.


However, another community member highlighted why the change was not a downgrade, making Lieutenant Minh appear much more competent than the original.

Lieutenant Minh’s Death in Gear of War Ultimate Edition Feels More Natural

A screenshot from Gears of War Ultimate Edition, showing RAAM and Minh right before the latter's death.
Minh died a hero in Ultimate Edition. Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios.

As stated, Lieutenant Minh was supposed to be the squad leader before he was killed in action. By definition, his commands and orders are supposed to be much more pragmatic and sensible than the ones shown in 2006’s Gears of War.

In the Ultimate Edition, however, not only does the Lieutenant not issue unnecessary commands, but his reaction after seeing RAAM is much more coherent with his character profile.


This was also stated by a community member part of the game’s subreddit:

byu/SadP0tat018 from discussion

It is also worth noting that it feels like the fans agree with the way Minh faced his demise, going down as a hero and not appearing weak and helpless:

byu/SadP0tat018 from discussion

One cannot discount the fact that the original Gears of War did a much better job at the gameplay mechanics despite being almost a decade older in comparison.


Despite the incredibly dull driving missions in the games that began with the first installment, it still laid the foundation for an epic trilogy. However, despite The Coalition’s attempt at reviving the series, it fell off with judgment.

However, it seems like Gears of War: E-Day’s release might put the series back on track as it will be set 14 years before the first title. Are you excited about E-Day’s release? Let us know in the comments below!


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