GenZeroes Producers Talk The First NFT TV Series (EXCLUSIVE)

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GenZeroes is a series primed to be a breath of fresh air for creators as the first live-action NFT series. The GenZeroes Universe provides fans with an ever-evolving interactive NFT experience. Comic Book Saga had the pleasure of interviewing the executive producers of the series, Aleks Paunovic, and Neil Stevenson Moore.The series is set 200 years after an alien invasion has left the world in distress, with 10 factions fighting to control the future of humanity. Van Helsing writers Matt Venables and Jeremy Smith act as showrunners alongside former Van Helsing star Aleks Paunovic.


The series will include 10 episodes and will be supplemented by a run of graphic comics that act as chapters of a continued story. Joining Aleks Paunovic in the cast are Nicole Muñoz (Van Helsing), Jesse Stanley (Van Helsing), Mark Hildreth (Resurrection), and Praneet Akilla (Nancy Drew) as series regulars completing an experienced and strong cast. The series also has guest appearances from the likes of Paul “Big Show” Wight, Richard Harmon, Bethany Brown, Kandyse McClure, and Tahmoh Penikett. Directed by Kimani Ray Smith (Van Helsing), the Canadian company House of Kibaa is also producing.


The GenZeroes series is set for an April 13th release date and we were excited to speak to them ahead of the premiere. Paunovic gave an insight into how great it was to be an executive producer on the series and have a voice on who to cast, set and costume design, and stressed the importance of character development. The input he provided would make this series feel like a family project in some regards. He and Stevenson Moore both agreed that the cast and crew felt like a family and even when crew members did not have to be present, they would ask if they could stay on set to enjoy the process. Neil Stevenson Moore references his former NHL career as a building block in his comparison of the family and team dynamic.

There are many ties to Van Helsing among the cast and crew, being one of the favorite projects that Paunovic has worked on. We asked Paunovic what were some of his favorite series to be a part of and he acknowledged his 20+ year acting career while also stating Van Helsing and Hawkeye were two of his favorites outside of GenZeroes. When asked about a potential appearance in the upcoming Disney Plus series Echo, Paunovic laughed off the spoilers, but cites his enjoyment of being a part of Hawkeye “I just loved being a part of that universe, and what happens in the future, we’ll see”. Be sure to check out GenZeroes on April 13th, their discord platforms that engage with the expanding community, and follow them on socials for up-to-date news on their growing universe.

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