“George we said Winds of Winter..not new covers”: Game of Thrones Fans Are Annoyed With George R. R. Martin Disheartening Announcement

Winds of 'Waiting' not Winter as George R. R. Martin's Latest Update Annoys Fans.

Winds of Winter Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin
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  • George R. R. Martin announced new cover designs for the first five A Song of Ice and Fire books, but provided no update on The Winds of Winter.
  • Fans have been waiting for over 13 years for the release of The Winds of Winter, the penultimate book in the series.
  • The author's recent update disappointed fans, who are eager for news on the completion of the long-awaited final books.
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It has been 13 years since the last book in the Game of Thrones saga aka A Song of Ice and Fire was published. Game of Thrones has come and gone and its prequel, House of the Dragon is currently airing, yet George R. R. Martin is yet to finish the fictional tale with two books of the saga yet to be published: The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring.

Game of Thrones season 1
Game of Thrones | HBO

All these years, fans have been faithfully waiting to see what happens with their favorite characters, since two books signify a whole lot of change and character arcs. Yet, this time too, Martin has disappointed his fans with his recent announcement about the franchise.

George R. R. Martin Reveals Winds of Winter is Not Done Yet

George R. R. Martin
George R. R. Martin | Image by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

George R. R. Martin‘s A Song of Ice and Fire book series are some of the most acclaimed fantasy books of all time and Game of Thrones, a series based on the books, is undoubtedly one of the biggest TV shows of all time. Despite the many controversies with the books and series, the franchise has garnered huge acclaim and millions of fans worldwide.


Yet the saga is far from done and Martin has yet to release the final concluding novels of the series. Announced years ago, fans have been waiting for more than a decade for Martin to release The Winds of Winter, the second last book in the series. However, the book is far from done as the scribe himself revealed in his latest blogpost on July 9, 2024.

When WINDS OF WINTER is done, the word will not trickle out, there WILL be a big announcement… where and when I cannot say.

Instead on the 10th of July, the author in his blogpost announced that his first five books of A Song of Ice and Fire have been given a makeover. Re-releasing with new cover designs that are more apt to the tale, the five books will be released as a box set. Yet fans are not happy.

Fans Disappointed by George R. R. Martin’s ‘Cover’ Update

Game of Thrones - Battle of the Bastards
A still from Game of Thrones | HBO

Instead of providing an update on the last two books of the saga, George R. R. Martin’s recent update was about the ‘updated covers’ of the already released five books. Despite the covers being stunning, fans of the series, who have been waiting for years for the last two books, are not only disappointed but disheartened as well.


As the author’s recent update about the books went viral on the internet, this is what fans had to say about it:



Fans are severely disappointed by how ‘slow’ the writer has been with his last two books. Over the years, fans have repeatedly asked the author to finish up the book series, yet after 13 years of waiting, it seems The Winds of Winter is still a far dream. With so much waiting and anticipation, we sure hope that the last two books are worth it!

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