“Get back where you belong”: Morgan Freeman, Who Called Denzel Washington A ‘Stage Prop,’ Didn’t Even Hesitate To Roast Him When They First Met

Morgan Freeman, Who Called Denzel Washington A 'Stage Prop,' Didn't Even Hesitate To Roast Him When They First Met
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Morgan Freeman is one of the finest actors in Hollywood. A perfect mix of wit and humor, the 86-year-old actor is widely renowned and loved for his distinctive deep voice and multiple genres of on-screen roles. For an actor who has landed award-winning roles in the industry for over 55 years, Freeman has established a fairly well-reputed and respected position in Hollywood.

Morgan Freeman is a widely established and reputed personality in Hollywood
Morgan Freeman is a widely established and reputed personality in Hollywood

And perhaps it was his reputation and witty sense of humor only that allowed him to roast Denzel Washington the first time they met on the sets of the 1979 version of Shakespeare’s play Coriolanus, where he didn’t even hesitate to call his co-star a ‘stage prop’, among other things.

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Morgan Freeman Roasted Denzel Washington When They First Met

Morgan Freeman didn't hesitate to make fun of Denzel Washington the first time they met
Morgan Freeman didn’t hesitate to make fun of Denzel Washington the first time they met

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Fabulous actors and legendary personalities, both Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington have starred in numerous top-rated movies, and have established a decades-long solid fascinating friendship. However, things were not always like this. Recalling how he roasted Washington when they first met on the sets of Coriolanus (1979), he shared the story at the AFI 2019, saying,

“40 years ago, 1979, Denzel and I were in a Joseph Papp production of ‘Coriolanus’. I was the lead. Denzel was a… stage prop.”

This earned him laughter from the audience, including Denzel Washington himself. Continuing, he revealed how he trolled his co-star for coming up to him with questions and suggestions relating to extending their sword fight scene with ‘some extra stabbing and wounding’, saying,


“I looked at him, after asking his name, and I told him this- ‘You’re that brilliant young actor just out of Fordham University. That was a great suggestion. Joe Papp never thought of it. Hell, Shakespeare didn’t think of that one! Clearly, you know better than the two of them how this thing should be staged. What a fine eye for action- I think you have a bright career ahead of you. And I hope one day to perhaps work with you in a film. But until then, you get back where you belong. When you come out on stage, we click sword three times, I stab you, and you fall down and die.”

Cracking up with laughter, Washington along with the rest of the audience cheered and hooted at Freeman for describing the hilarious story.

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Morgan Freeman Brought Denzel Washington To Tears

Denzel Washington was deeply touched by his best friend Morgan Freeman's heartwarming congratulation speech
Denzel Washington was deeply touched by his best friend Morgan Freeman’s heartwarming congratulation speech

Since at the 2019 AFI, Denzel Washington was about to be honored with the AFI Life Achievement Award, being his best friend, Morgan Freeman had to cheer him on for his achievement. For this, The Shawshank Redemption actor shared the above hilarious story. But he didn’t just end there. Continuing to hype him, Freeman praised his companion saying,


“Now I’m much too young to remember the very first AFI Life Achievement Award back in 1973. But I’m pretty sure of this – When they created this award, Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. was waiting in the wings. Denzel, my dear friend, congratulations.”

Ending his speech with heartfelt congratulations for his dearest pal, Morgan Freeman brought tears to Denzel Washington’s eyes. Talk about true friendship, and the first names to come to your mind will be Freeman’s and Washington’s.

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