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“Get the fu*k out of the way motherfu*ker”: Spider-Man: No Way Home Star Tobey Maguire Was Infuriated after Paparazzi Invaded His Privacy, Almost Caused an Accident

"Get the fu*k out of the way motherfu*ker": Spider-Man: No Way Home Star Tobey Maguire Was Infuriated after Paparazzi Invaded His Privacy, Almost Caused an Accident

One of the outliers of fame is the paparazzi that comes attached to the hip of the famed and often, these encounters cross a line, entering into the personal space of the person’s image they are supposed to splash all over the front pages. In this case, Tobey Maguire and his encounters with the paparazzi have become somewhat of a subset of comic yet volatile face-offs Hollywood has ever seen.

Tobey Maguire
Tobey Maguire

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Tobey Maguire’s Infamous Clash With the Paparazzi

Tobey Maguire has, on more occasions than one, fought back, screaming and flailing his hands at the paparazzi, infuriated beyond measure. Of course, instead of images of Maguire peacefully leaving a restaurant with a friend or a partner, what the people get is a highly pixelated rendition of a battle royale taking place on the front steps of Los Angeles’s Madeo Ristorante.

In 2013, blinded by dozens of cameras and the hounding of the paparazzi, Maguire who fully intended on leaving the eatery without incident was finally done being polite. Even getting the car out of the short driveway proved a monumental task and descending on the main road with spots flashing in his vision was not a good idea.

Tobey Maguire in front of the LA Madeo
Tobey Maguire in front of the LA Madeo

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He proceeds to roll down his window and say, “You guys need to back up, I can’t see the cars.” But an open window provides an opportunity for the paparazzi to shove a camera into his face and Maguire finally snaps. Pushing the man out of his space, the actor yells, “Get the fu*k out of the way. I can’t see. There are cars there, mother fu*kers. Get out of the way.”

Was Tobey Maguire Right to Fight Against the Paparazzi?

There is a reason why people cower under the blinding flashes, shelter themselves behind caps, masks, and sunglasses, or break down under the constant scrutiny and obsession to have each moment of their lives documented without consent and twisted into a sensational piece of gossip. For years, celebrities ranging from Britney Spears to Emma Watson have encountered the worst of the lot and come to terms with the brutality of leading a life under the gilded roof of Hollywood.

Celebrities hiding from the paparazzi
Celebrities hiding from the paparazzi

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However, in contrast to beautiful smiles and well-poised photographs of celebrities walking hand-in-hand out of a restaurant or their homes, Tobey Maguire’s reaction is something that people have rarely encountered. But it is a normal one, considering the situation he had been put in at the moment. Caged in and photographed like a rare piece on display, the actor eventually breaks loose from his restrained politeness and lashes back at those who have made it their livelihood to encase celebrities in uncomfortable spaces.

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