“Get the smoking right”: Harry Potter Star Helena Bonham Carter Feels She Talked to the Ghost of Princess Margaret Who Gave Her a Crucial Advice For ‘The Crown’

"Get the smoking right": Harry Potter Star Helena Bonham Carter Feels She Talked to the Ghost of Princess Margaret Who Gave Her a Crucial Advice For 'The Crown'
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Helena Bonham Carter, renowned for her mesmerizing performances on both the silver screen and television, has previously unveiled a spine-tingling encounter that stirred her to the core and granted invaluable learning for her portrayal in the acclaimed series, The Crown.

Helena Bonham Carter
Actress, Helena Bonham Carter

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In a revelation of remarkable proportions, the accomplished actress revealed her strange experience, wherein she sensed a spooky connection with the departed spirit of Princess Margaret.


Helena Bonham Carter Believed She Communicated With Princess Margaret’s Ghost

Helena Bonham Carter
Harry Potter star, Helena Bonham Carter

In a revelation that has stirred intrigue among fans and paranormal enthusiasts alike, Helena Bonham Carter, the acclaimed actress praised for her diverse and enthralling roles, has candidly disclosed her belief in a supernatural encounter. 

As The Crown prepared to introduce a fresh ensemble to portray the renowned British royal family, Bonham Carter, who embodies the role of Princess Margaret, shared an extraordinary account of her connection with the late princess via a psychic medium.

During a recent appearance at the The Graham Norton Show Bonham Carter unveiled the ethereal conversation she had with Princess Margaret’s spirit. Their connection, it appears, extended beyond the mortal domain, as the two had met in person before Princess Margaret’s passing in 2002. 


The actress recounted how she sought the late princess’s blessing for her portrayal, emphasizing the weight of responsibility in embodying a real-life figure. She said,

“She said she was glad it was me. My main thing is when you play someone who is real, you kind of want their blessing because you have a responsibility.”

Helena Bonham Carter in The Crown
Helena Bonham Carter in The Crown

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The response she received from Princess Margaret’s ghostly presence was both surprising and characteristically royal.


The departed princess expressed her satisfaction with Bonham Carter’s casting, asserting that “you’re better than the other actress’ … that they were thinking of.”

This revelation left Bonham Carter awestruck and further solidified her commitment to the role. Moreover, Princess Margaret, even from the world beyond, offered invaluable advice, including the imperative of mastering the distinct manner in which she smoked. According to the actress, the spirit said,

“Get the smoking right. I smoked in a very particular way…the cigarette holder was as much a weapon for expression as it was for smoking.”

The artist’s commitment to capturing the essence of the royal extended beyond the physical to encompass her oddities.


Whether one embraces the supernatural or not, Bonham Carter’s account undeniably adds a mysterious dimension to her illustrious entertainment career.

However, it’s worth noting that the filming of the latest season of The Crown paused following Queen Elizabeth’s passing.

The Queen’s Death Led The Crown To Stop Filming

The Crown
The Crown

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In an unexpected turn of events, the renowned production of The Crown found itself in a mournful pause, brought about by the profoundly saddening news of Queen Elizabeth’s passing.

The demise of Queen Elizabeth II prompted an immediate end of filming for the highly anticipated new season of the Netflix series, a show that masterfully encapsulated the complexities of the British monarchy.

The series, crafted by the award-winning Peter Morgan, was praised for capturing the essence of its fifth season when the news of Her Majesty’s passing rolled.


In a statement conveyed to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix expressed their deep respect by temporarily halting filming. Netflix said,

“As a mark of respect, filming on The Crown was suspended today. Filming will also be suspended on the day of Her Majesty The Queen’s funeral.”

Morgan, the series creator, described The Crown as a heartfelt tribute to the queen, a cinematic love letter.

As The Crown continues its journey into its sixth season, the fifth installment featured Imelda Staunton as the queen, Dominic West as King Charles III, and Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana, taking over the roles that Olivia Colman, Josh O’Connor, and Emma Corrin brilliantly portrayed in season four.


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