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Ghost in the Shell Director Hates Big Budget Anime, Brands it a “World of Eroticism and Violence”

Ghost in the Shell Director Hates Big Budget Anime, Brands it a “World of Eroticism and Violence”

The world of anime has changed a lot in the past few decades, and the credit for the same can vastly go to the avid commercialization of the industry, which brought changes no one would have ever thought of happening.

What we are essentially talking about is how anime in modern times has adapted itself to show off more violence and eroticism, something which has been demanded by the audience itself and is delivered by the studios, generating loads of profit in the process.

Anime Industry In The Recent Times
Anime Industry In The Recent Times

Talking about the same, the famous director Mamoru Oshii interviewed with CINRA this year during a film festival, talking about how the industry is different from what it used to be and now survives on making violent content and fulfilling fans’ wishes.

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Mamoru Oshii’s Opinion On Anime Industry Nowadays

Mamoru Oshii is a prominent figure in the world, he has managed to claim such a significant position through his work such as Ghost in The Cell, Blood The Last Vampire, and many more. He has also been openly critical of how anime in the modern day is being made, which is something that he discussed in the interview mentioned above.

In an attempt to describe the current scenario, Oshii made use of the phrase “world of eroticism and violence” in his interaction with CINRA (via Anime Senpai) to put forward his point of view and how he sees the world of anime in recent times.

Mamoru Oshii
Mamoru Oshii

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Mamoru Oshii Talks About The Difference Between Different Kinds Of Anime

Mamoru Oshii Thinks Neon Genesis Evangelion Will be Forgotten in Time, Sees it as a Commercial Anime that Won’t Survive

Having reached such a prominent position in the industry, Oshii is sure to know a thing or two about whatever he is talking about at the time. During the same interview that was mentioned earlier, Mamoru Oshii talked about the difference between the different kinds of anime that have started existing.

The director was asked about his opinion on artistic anime versus anime made especially for profit, to which Oshii revealed how he thinks that artistic anime can never be used for commercial purposes. He disclosed how artistic anime can only be liked by such an audience who understands and watches that particular kind of anime.

This interview with Oshii has definitely provided fans and the audience of the anime industry with an insight into what really is going on in recent times in the anime industry, and while it is hard to determine if the changes happening are for the better or the worse, there is no way to stop them now.

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Source: CINRA (via Anime Senpai

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