Ghost of Tsushima 2’s Long Development Time Means Sucker Punch Won’t be Repeating 1 Accomplishment from the Last Gen that Very Few Devs Have Ever Managed

Sucker Punch Productions couldn't replicate the same success they had with last generation because of Ghost of Tsushima 2.

Ghost of Tsushima


  • Sucker Punch Productions had the honor to work on early and late life cycle PlayStation 4 games.
  • The gaming community is hopeful for an official announcement for the Ghost of Tsushima sequel.
  • The Infamous franchise resonated well with the fans and hopes a remaster is in the works.
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Ghost of Tsushima was the perfect curtain call for the PlayStation 4 era and Sucker Punch Productions had the rare honor to do it. The developers helped usher the console generation with Infamous: Second Son and closed the chapter with a new franchise that was well-received.


Unfortunately, the developers couldn’t capture the same lightning twice given the hefty development time they are taking for its upcoming project. The gaming community is anticipating a sequel to the 2020 samurai title, and their expectations could be spot on.

Ghost of Tsushima Was the Perfect Swan Song for the PS4

The developers of Ghost of Tsushima applied what they learned from previous projects.
The developers of Ghost of Tsushima applied what they learned from previous projects.

Game development can be time-consuming and complicated which is why the developers took all the time they needed to transition from Infamous: Second Son to Ghost of Tsushima. Both games have achieved rare feats for a developer where one was released in the early years of the console life cycle and the other being at the tail end. Jason Connell served as the creative and art director and spoke of the differences between the two games.


 That’s that’s the I think one of the ones that have stuck with Sucker Punch even long before I came here, it just being this very fluid experience. I would add over that though, all Sucker Punch games have always been artistically interesting or unique have an interesting style. 

The gaming community collectively decided that the samurai game deserved the award for best art direction during The Game Awards of 2020 but is still upset that it didn’t bring home the Game of the Year award.

The last game it was pushing on the particle effects and making people go ‘Holy shit, you can do that with particles? That’s insane’ to now using those particles, again in a completely new way to exaggerate the beauty of an island and the lighting and just really to make people stop and look at the world and be like, how did they do this?

Connell spoke proudly of the general distinction of art direction between these two projects which showcases the talent of the studio.

The developer could have repeated success if only it were easy to develop modern triple-A games. There is a slim possibility that the studio is ready to share what it has been up to for the past four years and it could be the highly anticipated sequel.


Players Are Being Spoiled by the Ghost of Tsushima Developers

The developers were ready to move on from the Infamous franchise to Ghost of Tsushima and brought everything they have learned.
The developers were ready to move on from the Infamous franchise to Ghost of Tsushima and brought everything they had learned.

The gaming community reminisced about the good times they had with the older Infamous games and hoped they would be remastered for the current generation.

The developers couldn’t repeat what they achieved last generation but knowing that the team is all in is a good indication of the project’s quality.

The wait will be worth it and the fans’ patience will be rewarded. The studio accomplished something monumental and will build on that success moving forward.


PlayStation has never fumbled with first-party content and Sucker Punch Productions pulled their weight for the past few years and will continue to do so.

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