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Ghost Rider Series Reportedly Coming To Disney+

No matter how many series or movies Marvel gives us, back-to-back, we just can’t seem to have enough. Recently, Marvel LLC has hinted towards a new series, which was enough to start the buzz and speculations. And just like that, the internet isn’t calm after knowing about it. While such hints from Marvel LLC aren’t new, and they aren’t always very specific, the new ones are hinting towards a new project. And they hint towards a new series coming to Disney+ about Danny Ketch’s Ghost Rider. 

Among the many new production companies, Marvel has one “Richmond Street Productions LLC”, and also, the listed production company is for DTC (direct-to-consumer). Now you might wonder, why is that such a big deal. Well, it is, and thanks to Murphy Multiversewe know its significance. The new entity isn’t very far from Cypress Hill Cemetery. 

Ghost Rider Series Reportedly Coming To Disney+
Cypress Cemetery is very close to the new production company listed by Marvel

Cypress Hill Cemetery- Relevance in comic books

The name “Cypress Hill Cemetery” might ring bells to all the comic fans. It has a direct connection with Danny Ketch and Ghost Rider since it is part of Danny Ketch’s origin story. Hence, it is a key location, and he keeps revisiting it. It was also a base for some time of Midnight Sons in the ’90s. 

Often, the location of the production companies turns out to be suggestions, and the locations have a reference with the comic books. Just like Marvel’s production company filing, Limbo Productions LLC gave the hints of Loki’s more than one season. So we are hoping this one comes true, and we see the Ghost Riders series soon on Disney +.

Cypress Hill Cemetery Comics Ghost Rider Series Reportedly Coming To Disney+
Cypress Hill Cemetery is a more significant location than we think it is

Ghost Rider and The MCU

Ghost Rider (Daniel "Danny" Ketch) | Wiki | Comics Amino
Danny Ketch, aka Ghost Rider, The Spirit of Vengeance

A car mechanic, Roberto “Robbie” Reyes, who was murdered by gang members, and was resurrected by Johnny Blaze. That resulted in him acquiring the powers to transform into a ‘Ghost Rider’. His plan to track down and kill the enemies succeeded, Quake finds him and leads him to SHIELD. We saw a very brief introduction of Robbie Reyes in Agents of SHIELD. And ever since, fans have eagerly waiting for Marvel to release an independent show or movie about Ghost Rider centered Danny Ketch. Or even about Midnight Sons.

We hope that the wait gets over very, very soon and this theory comes true. Are you also eager? Let us know your thoughts. 

Written by FandomWire Staff