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Ghost Rider: Strongest, Most Potent Spirits Of Vengeance, Ranked

There are powerful versions of our very own Ghost Rider in various storylines, but which ones top the list? There’s no shortage of fiery contenders to pick from, ranging from Johnny Blaze to Robbie Reyes. Some of the most powerful characters we’ve seen in Marvel comics are among them.

For this list, we looked at all of the Ghost Riders who have featured in comic books. Although some are not strictly “Spirits of Vengeance” possessed by Zarathos, they can be on this list if they are a Ghost Rider or near enough. The top ten Spirits of Vengeance, ordered by power level, are shown below.

5. Robbie Reyes

Ghost Rider: Powerful Versions
Ghost Rider: Powerful Versions

Robbie Reyes was a terrific character from the start when he was introduced a few years back during Marvel Comics’ “All New All Different” period. Robbie, a street racing youngster who looked after his younger, crippled sibling, appeared to be an underdog. When he gained his powers, he lost his underdog position.

Robbie has battled formidable foes and survived a full-power blow from the Amadeus Cho version of the Hulk. His automobile has also demonstrated incredible tenacity and the ability to easily plow over its opponents. Reyes has quickly proven himself as one of the strongest spirits of Vengeance in the short period after his creation.

4. Danny Ketch

Ghost Rider: Powerful Versions
Ghost Rider: Powerful Versions

Danny Ketch is the man responsible for making Ghost Rider cool. There was no sophisticated bike or fashionable leather jacket before Ketch. With Ketch’s appearance in the comics came a new wave of Ghost Rider fans, who helped make him one of the most memorable characters in Marvel history.

Ketch was no Johnny Blaze’s sidekick in his day. In the few encounters they’ve had, he’s shown the strength to go toe-to-toe with Blaze. Blackheart and Nightmare are two noteworthy foes he has defeated. He not only defeated them both, but he did it in their home dimensions, where they are the most powerful.

3. Venom/Red Hulk

Ghost Rider: Powerful Versions
Ghost Rider: Powerful Versions

Red Hulk mated with the Venom symbiote and absorbed Ghost Rider’s strength in 2012’s “Circle of Four” comic book storyline. This hybrid character vanquished Blackheart and, no doubt could fight more formidable adversaries. To begin with, Red Hulk is one of the most powerful characters. Bonding with Venom increases his strength and adds Spider-talents. Man’s The addition of the demon Zarathos to the equation generates an incredible amount of devastating potential. Hopefully, these three will reunite in the future, and we’ll get a closer look at their full potential.

2. Johnny Blaze

Ghost Rider: Powerful Versions
Ghost Rider: Powerful Versions

Probably your favorite Ghost Rider. Johnny Blaze, the original, has often demonstrated his incredible power level. In terms of potency, he’s maybe one of the most underappreciated Marvel characters. What distinguishes Blaze from the other characters on this list is his ability to fully utilize his strength. He has defeated Dr. Strange, Mephisto (in his domain), and Asmodeus. Zarathos, the creature with whom Blaze is bound, possesses near-infinite power. He is basically God. Blaze serves as a human safety net for Zarathos’ abilities.

1. The Cosmic Ghost Rider

In a parallel universe, Frank Castle, better known as the Punisher, escaped hell after being possessed by the Ghost Rider’s ghost. Soon after, Castle was appointed as Galactus’ herald and infused with cosmic power. As a result, he became the most powerful Ghost Rider of all time.

In fact, he was so strong that he had to restrain himself in order not to destroy the worlds he walked on. He has beaten Thanos, survived a cosmic bombardment from Galactus, and accomplished several more incredible deeds. Despite being the most recent to appear in the comics, Frank Castle’s Cosmic Ghost Rider is without a doubt the most powerful, and it isn’t even close.

Written by Aditya Talwar

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