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“Ghostfacers”- Supernatural’s Spinoff Explained

Supernatural” is an American TV show full of mystery, suspense, and as the name suggests, horror. It was first aired in 2005 and has a total of 15 seasons. It is about Winchester Brothers– Dean and Sam- trying to follow in their father’s footsteps. They set out to eliminate supernatural entities such as demons, monsters, ghosts, etc. The story has a lot of twists and turns, untimely deaths of solid characters, and everything that will glue you to the screen. From direction to actors’ acting skills, everything is on point. Also, the show garnered an amazing fan base. However, it failed to launch two spinoff shows. It also has a prequel in the making. But many forget about “Ghostfacers“.

Ghostfacers- Supernatural’s Spinoff Explained

Supernatural's Spinoff- Ghostfacers
Supernatural’s Spinoff- Ghostfacers

Ghostfacers” is a web series spinoff of “Supernatural”. It features the Ghostfacer team led by Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spangler as they tackle the supernatural entities in documentary-style episodes. They made their debut in the Supernatural show in the episode named “Hell House“. Both the characters were loved so much by the fans they considered making a spinoff. The series started on April 15, 2010. They were originally known as “Hell Hounds“.

About Ghostfacers And Where You Can Stream It


The series ran for only 1 Season with 11 webisodes, each running for 3-4 minutes in length. The team includes Kenny Spruce, the team’s cameraman, Ed’s adopted sister Maggie, two other interns. They served as a replacement for Alan Corbett. Corbett was killed in one of the Supernatural episodes earlier. However, Dave, the intern was soon replaced by Ambyr. The team investigates an old haunted theatre. Finally, in the finale episode, Castiel makes a guest appearance. If you’ve missed out on watching the webisodes, you can watch them on Youtube. Check out Youtuber Mike DiMuzio’s channel for all the episodes.

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