Ghostrunner 2 Releases Free Demo Ahead of October Launch

Ghostrunner 2

Ghostrunner 2, is an upcoming high intensity action-platform game developed by One More Level and published through 505 Games. The title is easily one of the most anticipated releases in October, which is saying something considering the plethora of other AAA games set to arrive in the same month.

While Jack, the main protagonist in Ghostrunner 2, may be subject to extreme combat where one hit means life or death, this may be nothing compared to the competition he will soon face.

The Fall is loaded with major releases including: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Alan Wake 2, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Alone in the Dark, and much more. In order for 505 Games to set its title apart, something big had to be done.

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In order to raise hype for Ghostrunner 2 and navigate the sea of other AAA rivals, 505 Games has chosen to give gamers a chance to test out their upcoming adventure before launch.

While players will have to wait until day one for most of the other games releasing in October, they will not have to count down the days to see what is new in Dharma City.

A new demo for Ghostrunner 2 is now available and it is the perfect opportunity for fans to explore  the next chapter in this epic story.

What Are the Exciting Details Concerning the Demo for Ghostrunner 2?

Ghostrunner 2 is headed to gamers on October 26, but until then a free demo has released on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.
Ghostrunner 2 is headed to gamers on October 26, however, a demo is now available to players on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

If you are one of the many gamers excited for the release of Ghostrunner 2, then you should certainly check out the free demo that has arrived.

Although the announcement was made at PlayStation’s State of Play event, the free sample is also available to Xbox Series X/S and PC users. You can find our coverage on the reveal in the link attached below.

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There have been several upgrades to the gameplay in Ghostrunner 2, compared to the original which released in 2020. One More Level will introducing a variety of powers, weapons, and even a new vehicular combat system. This will provide players with a whole new way to explore the environment, and will help to further flesh out this fascinating world.

Although the Ghostrunner 2 demo trailer does not lay out the exact features fans will experience, we know what can be expected. Players will control Jack as he traverses through Dharma Tower and motorbike gameplay will be included. The demo will absolutely push exciting combat, but gamers should expect very little story to be revealed.

The motorbike features that have been added in Ghostrunner 2 are featured in the free demo
The motorbike features that have been added in Ghostrunner 2 are featured in the free demo.

If you’re interested in what exactly has been added for gamers to experience, PlayStation has listed four abilities users will get to test in the demo:

  • “Shuriken – Master the art of throwing shurikens to unlock doors, trigger explosions, and take down enemies from a distance.
  • Tempest – Unleash a powerful blast that can eliminate multiple enemies at once. Perfect your timing to deflect enemy projectiles back at them and interact with essential objects.
  • Sensory Boost – Slow down time, granting you the agility to dodge incoming attacks with precision. Use this ability to overcome challenging obstacles and collect hard-to-reach items.
  • Grapple – Utilize the grappling hook to swing through the environment with ease, reaching new heights and exploring hidden areas.”

These abilities will absolutely change the overall dynamic in Ghostrunner 2. As the story progresses we will get to see new areas and meet new characters that were absent in the original.

Although this demo will only be a taste of what to expect from the full game, it will certainly keep fans interested and excited.

It has already been stated that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and similarly massive AAA titles coming out this year will not include demos. And while these games do not need the hype of a demo to make huge sales, Ghostrunner 2 will likely benefit from such a tactic.

What do you think of the Ghostrunner 2 demo that is free for gamers to test out? Will you be downloading and playing in anticipation of the October 26th launch? Do you think more video game studios should release demos? Make sure to leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

Source: PlayStation.Blog

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