Sex Education Star Gillian Anderson Reported to Have Joined the MCU For Mystery Role

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According to Giant Freaking Robot, claims are being made that Gillian Anderson has been cast in a significant role in the next MCU productions. However, it is still unknown what part the Crown actress will perform. Fans of comic books are theorizing that the starlet could play Dr. Moira MacTaggert from the X-men comics or one of the antagonists in the series. The actress has neither acknowledged nor rejected the reports, so fans should actually take them with a healthy dose of skepticism. Here are other details:

American actress, Gillian Anderson.
American actress, Gillian Anderson.

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Everything to know about Gillian Anderson:

Gillian Anderson in Sex Education
Gillian Anderson in Sex Education.

Actress Gillian Leigh Anderson is from the United States. After starting her work on the theatre, she rose to fame for her portrayal of FBI Special Agent Dana Scully in the American science fiction drama show The X-Files. Along with these roles, she has appeared as the tragic socialite Lily Bart in Terence Davies’s movie The House of Mirth, DSU Stella Gibson in the crime thriller The Fall, sex therapist Jean Milburn in the Netflix dramedy Sex Education, and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the fourth season of Netflix’s historical drama The Crown. She has also received four Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and two Primetime Emmy Awards.


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Which role can be played by Anderson:

Dr. Moira MacTaggert may be played by Gillian Anderson
Dr. Moira MacTaggert from the comics.

Fans have some fairly strong theories about who Anderson will portray and what movies and/or TV shows she will appear in. Gillian Anderson would seem to fit in best as Dr. Moira MacTaggert with Marvel’s mutants. In the films X-Men: The Last Stand from 2007 and X-Men: First Class from 2011 and 2016, Rose Byrne and Olivia Williams respectively performed the role. Although MacTaggert acted as a human comrade to the mutants in previous movies, advancements in the comics may allow the character to have a much more significant role in the MCU.

A portrayal of a Marvel villain could be another choice for Gillian Anderson, as she is already underrated in that aspect.  While Anderson hasn’t portrayed many overtly evil characters, she has had success playing roles with complex ethical quandaries, such in the crime drama The Fall or her role as the titular serial killer’s psychiatrist in Hannibal. She might portray Cassandra Nova, the evil psychic, if she were to play an antagonist. Nova, who first appeared in 2001’s New X-Men #114, later revealed to be Charles Xavier’s identical twin and an equal amount of power.


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