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Gilmore Girls: 5 Most Relatable Characters

Gilmore Girls is certainly everyone’s comfort TV show. It has all the qualities of a wholesome and cozy series. The characters are well-rounded, the storyline is super engaging, and the lines are probably the wittiest of all. Apart from that, the mother-and-daughter relationship is so strong in this show that one can feel how tight their bond is.

The best thing about Gilmore Girls is how relatable everyone is. They all have real-life problems and struggles as well as endeavors which they share with the audience. The following characters have got everything to prove that they are the ones that truly resonate with the fans.

Emily Gilmore

Emily Gilmore Girls

She is the controlling mother of Lorelai and definitely the bane of her existence. Emily seems to think she’s always right and she tries to make her daughter follow her every order, including how to live her life. In this case, everyone who has a strict parent can relate to their situation.

Emily needs to realize that, as far as she’s concerned, she can only be there for her daughter. Lorelai just wanted a mom that will support her no matter what, and Emily does not seem to be that kind of person.

Lane Kim

Lane Kim Gilmore Girls

Just like Lorelai, Lane has a difficult relationship with her mother. Mrs. Kim is quite strict when it comes to Lane’s relationships with people, and she always has to excel in school. Most of her teenage years are spent pleasing her mother.

Lane’s situation is very common in most households and it is no wonder why a lot of fans feel for her. Good thing there’s her best friend, Rory Gilmore, and Lorelai whom she can talk to when she feels down.

Lorelai Gilmore

Lorelai Gilmore Girls

Even though sometimes she can come off as a tad dramatic, Lorelai is undeniably everyone’s favorite character. She’s the cool and understanding mother that every daughter can ask for. In addition, she is also the strong and independent woman we can always look up to.

Because Lorelai is stubborn and headstrong, she finds it difficult to get along with her mother. Raising a child alone is also one of the most difficult yet fulfilling things that happened to her. This is why a lot of fans, especially single moms, admire her for being so strong.

Sookie St. James

Sookie St James Gilmore Girls

She is Lorelai’s best friend and resident cook at the Dragonfly Inn. Sookie is like a family to the Gilmores and she is one of the most supportive friends of Lorelai. Because she is so passionate about her job, she can’t help but be a perfectionist. Sometimes the people around her get riled up by her perfectionism.

Despite this, many fans find Sookie relatable because of her pure heart and loyalty. She does not know how to hold herself together when she’s around someone she likes. She’s also afraid of commitment.

Rory Gilmore

Rory Gilmore

She’s the goal-getter and hardworking student that many young fans can relate to. Rory values education more than anything else, even social life and romantic relationships. She always aims for an A+ grade and when she flunks a subject, she makes sure to make up to it by studying harder.

A lot of people find themselves in Rory because she’s the introvert type who loves reading and spending time at home. Fans have also seen her grow confident throughout the Gilmore Girls series.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.