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Gilmore Girls: 5 Scenes From First Season That Wouldn’t Work Today

Gilmore Girls 5 Scenes From First Season That Wouldnt Work Today

Gilmore Girls is a show that hits close to heart. Its wholesome and cozy ambiance just brings a whole lot of goodness. It’s the perfect show for whatever occasion and every season. Lorelai and Rory’s mother-daughter tandem is just too wonderful.

The first season of the show started with the introduction of the Gilmore girls and the everyday, mundane lives they have in Stars Hollow. Each character has its own quirkiness and some things from the first season tell us they would not fly if they do it again today. Here are some of those scenes:

Lorelai Didn’t Tell Rory How She Afforded Chilton

Gilmore Girls Rory

Rory dreams of attending Harvard University and the first thing she needs to do to achieve that is to go to Chilton School. It is a prestigious private school where rich people go. Because Lorelai’s job cannot afford to send Rory to such an expensive school, she asked for Emily’s help.

Lorelai and her mother are not exactly on good terms so asking this favor from her was such a huge deal. Knowing how measly she earns from her job, Rory would definitely wonder how she’s able to pay for the tuition.

Rory Didn’t Tell Her Mom About Her Crush

Gilmore Girls Rory and Dean

We know that Rory and Dean had been going out for quite some time. We also know that they’ve kissed, and still, she has not told her mother. It was Lorelai who found out about it herself when she saw them locking lips.

It’s difficult for teenagers to open up about their romantic relationships with their parents. But, Lorelai has the right to know. She’s the one responsible for taking care of Rory, and she deserves to know who her daughter is dating.

Lorelai Asks Her Daughter A Sex Joke

Gilmore Girls Lorelai and Rory

Rory and Lorelai have always had a close relationship and it’s really comforting when they know they can freely tell each other jokes and stuff. But not just any kind of joke. In one episode, Lorelai asked Rory if she slept with the school headmaster at Chilton so she could get in.

While this sounds a really harmless joke, it’s absolutely inappropriate for a parent to say such a thing. Especially today that we are trying to fight harassment against women, this type of joke will definitely go in court.

Michel Speaks Rude To Clients

Michel and Lorelai

The guy has always been temperamental and his manner of interacting with people is just a no-no for someone running a business. He’s hilarious and his comebacks are totally clever but you would not want a front liner with a glum attitude attending to your clients. It’s still a mystery how he’s able to keep his job despite this pessimistic approach in life.

Lorelai Jokes About Robbing A Bank

Lorelai Gilmore

This is something you would not want the police to hear. Lorelai called the Chilton office to ask about payment plans or help. Knowing she cannot afford the price, she joked about robbing a bank.

It is indeed not a good impression for Lorelai for making such a crass joke. As a parent, she should have given a more tactful response.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.