Gilmore Girls: 5 Things Reddit Fans Don’t Like About Rory

Rory Gilmore, from the hit TV show Gilmore Girls, is known as the epitome of a perfect student. She is always seen studying and reading to the verge of not sleeping because she might fail her finals. Although she has some not-so-great habits, we can make exceptions for that.

But fans have noticed that Rory has changed throughout seven seasons. The woman that young girls looked up to is not the same anymore. Perhaps college and career changed her; maybe it is her relationships. Reddit fans share their sentiment over the things they despise about Rory in Gilmore Girls:

Tries To Be So Perfect

Gilmore Girls Rory

Fans know that Rory has this sort of perfectionist attitude, and she needs to stop. Reddit user anaksunamanda said, “Every time Rory gets called out for being awful she doubles down for a WHILE before she admits it. She just can’t be wrong and also be perfect Rory.” She might be the town’s golden child but she does not even have to try that hard.

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Rory has a bright future, and people understand if she slips up once in a while. More importantly, she needs to learn how to humble herself and apologize when necessary.

Not A Good Friend To Lane

Lane Kim Rory Gilmore

Rory and Lane have a promising friendship at the beginning of the show. But slowly, they start to drift apart because of different interests and priorities. This did not stop Lane from being the supportive pal. When Rory has problems, she is always there. But when Lane is in trouble, Rory’s unavailable.

Fans didn’t like how Rory treated Lane. Reddit user Fandam_YT thinks that “she almost exclusively uses just to get through her own problems.”

Takes Lorelai For Granted

Gilmore Girls Lorelai and Rory

Lorelai and Rory’s relationship is the main reason why fans love Gilmore Girls. Who doesn’t love their witty conversations and movie nights? Although they are pretty close to each other, Rory does not seem to acknowledge Lorelai’s efforts as a mother.

Reddit user RameemM said that “Rory does take much for granted” just about everything. In the sixth season, Rory stopped talking to her mom and does not understand why Lorelai worries about her so much.

Keeps Cheating On Her Partners

Rory Dean

For someone who is known to be studying a lot, Rory can’t seem to stop “cheating”. Not the kind that bad students do in school but kissing someone else when she’s already in a relationship.

This irritates a lot of fans because Rory seems to be the kind of person who is loyal and true to herself. Reddit user Consistent_Golf_6562 said, “She never grew out of her cheating phase.”

Has Become The Worst Character

Rory Gilmore 2

From the first season, Rory has become a beloved character with so many great moments. It is so disappointing to see how much she has changed. Reddit user gilmorerevi thinks, “Rory got progressively worse.”

In fact, the once sweet and smart girl that everyone in Stars Hollow adores has committed serious crimes. Such offenses include stealing a yacht and having affairs with a married man.

Written by Ariane Cruz

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