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Gilmore Girls: The Best And Worst Parts Of Season One

Gilmore Girls The Best And Worst Parts Of Season One

The first season of Gilmore Girls is one of the best and most important seasons in the series. It is where we are introduced to the dynamic relationship between Lorelai and Rory, as well as their family and friends. The season also gave us some of the momentous events in Rory’s life, such as her first boyfriend and first dance.

As much as there are plenty of good memories, there are also not-so-great ones. From Rory’s growing pains as a teenager to Lorelai’s complicated relationship with her parents, Season 1 is all about balance. Here are some of the best and worst parts of Gilmore Girls from its first season:

BEST: The Stars Hollow Community

Stars Hollow Gilmore Girls

After Lorelai and Rory moved to Stars Hollow, everything became more magical. The community is small and intimate, and people almost knew everyone. This also allowed them to start anew, with Lorelai being independent and self-sufficient.

Everyone who lives here seems friendly and warm towards each other. Rory’s birthday episode proves how close-knit they are to their neighbors.

BEST: Rory Gilmore’s Unique Personality

Rory Gilmore

Rory’s ever-changing personality is a product of her growing up and exploring young adulthood. Over the years, she has become more confident, sarcastic, and has stronger convictions.

Her dedication to education is also a remarkable trait that only Rory can carry. She chooses to stay at home to study instead of partying, and she prefers to spend movie nights with her mom than go out with friends.

BEST: The Dynamic Between Emily And Lorelai

Emily Gilmore

Everyone knows that Emily and Lorelai have an on-and-off relationship. Even though they are quite estranged towards each other, they still try to compromise and make amends in certain situations. And this is all for the sake of Rory. After all, Emily is still Lorelai’s mother, and her family is always there to help.

WORST: Rory’s First Dance Ended Badly

Gilmore Girls Rory and Dean

That feeling when fans have been looking forward to Rory’s first dance with Dean got us all giddy and over the moon. While it started really romantic, things got a little heated up between Tristan and Dean. The two guys brawled like mad tigers, which forced Rory to leave the dance even before the clock strike midnight.

To make matters worse, Rory and Dean ended up falling asleep in the dance studio. She didn’t come home and that caused another chaotic fight between Lorelai and Emily.

WORST: Max And Lorelai’s Relationship

Max Gilmore Girls

Certainly, Lorelai can date anyone she likes because she’s open and single. The thing is, she’s attracted to Rory’s teacher, Max. The chemistry was there, but some things cannot be forced. Besides, it seemed inappropriate and awkward.

WORST: Tristan And Rory

Tristan Gilmore Girls

When Rory entered Chilton, lots of kids tried to bully her, including Tristan. His constant teasing was actually a disguise of his affection for Rory. He didn’t know how to channel this emotion, and he ended up annoying her to get her attention.

His flirting techniques did not entirely work out. To say that their interactions are absolutely irksome is an understatement.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.