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Mission: Impossible games - The franchise needs a comeback.


  • The Mission: Impossible franchise is a perfect fit for a video game, and there is a strong demand for a new Mission: Impossible game.
  • A new Mission: Impossible game could capture the essence of the movies by featuring a diverse cast of IMF agents with unique skills and equipment, as well as customizable mission plans.
  • IO Interactive is a great candidate to develop a new Mission: Impossible game, given their experience with the Hitman trilogy and their upcoming James Bond game.
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The Mission Impossible movies have been crushing it at the box office, which got us thinking – it’s high time this action-packed franchise made a glorious return to the gaming industry. And let’s be honest, the gaming industry has proven time and time again that it’s more than capable of giving the Impossible Mission Force (IMF) the video game treatment it deserves.


Now, we’ve had a few small tastes with tie-in games like the Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation mobile app or that LEGO Dimensions level pack. But seriously, it’s been ages (over two decades!) since we’ve had a full-blown, dedicated Mission Impossible game to sink our teeth into. Considering how well the modern films are doing, it’s pretty clear that things need to change.

But hey, it’s not all smooth sailing. One challenge these games might face is how to capture the essence of the movies in a video game format. See, the Mission Impossible films are all about Ethan Hunt, right? But the original concept actually had this whole rotating cast of characters, each with their own unique skills for specific missions. 


Mission Impossible – Time for a Gaming Revival

Mission Impossible games time for a comeback?
Mission Impossible games – time for a comeback?

Some older games tried to bring that ensemble feel, but in recent years, Ethan’s been hogging the spotlight. However, with the recent successes in the gaming world, there might just be a way to revive that original vision.

In the past, the timing might not have been right for Mission Impossible to step into the gaming world seamlessly. But these recent films? They’ve brought back the franchise’s street cred, placing it right alongside the likes of James Bond. This culminated in the release of Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning, the first of a two-part movie extravaganza.


But here’s the twist: Tom Cruise might hang up his Ethan Hunt hat one day (even though he’s said he’d keep making these movies as long as he can), leaving the future of Mission Impossible uncertain after 2024.

Well, since there aren’t any movies coming out soon, gaming has an opportunity to take the spotlight. Mission; Impossible movies often have a gaming feel to them, which makes them perfect for a single-player game. However, here’s the exciting part:

With the advancements in multiplayer and online gaming, Mission Impossible has the opportunity to go back to its origins by offering games that allow players to take control of a group of characters either solo or, with their friends.


Here’s an awesome idea The Hitman Trilogy by IO Interactive has the potential to ignite a revival of Mission Impossible in the gaming industry. Its open-ended levels, clever disguises, and impressive gadgets seamlessly align with the essence of Mission style.

IO Interactive could revive Mission Impossible games with a diverse cast of IMF agents and customizable missions.
IO Interactive could revive Mission Impossible games with a diverse cast of IMF agents and customizable missions.

The cherry on top? IO Interactive is cooking up Project 007, an upcoming James Bond game that plays by the same rules, capitalizing on the shared ideas of the spy game trio: Mission Impossible, Hitman, and Bond. With the potential to revolutionize the spy gaming genre, these titles could provide a fresh and engaging gaming experience, keeping players on the edge of their seats.


If IO Interactive is given the opportunity to revive Mission Impossible, in the gaming industry, it has the potential to be a delight. We can set aside games with one player, such as Hitman or Bond, because Mission Impossible has the potential to break ground by providing a diverse group of IMF agents each with their own unique abilities, equipment, and a lot of choices for mission planning.

The collaboration between these known franchises suggests the prospect of a spy gaming world that is both thrilling and dynamic – something that fans of this genre have been eagerly anticipating for quite some time.

They could whip up some original stories, just like they’re doing for Project 007, and make these new games a vital part of the ever-expanding Mission Impossible multimedia franchise. 


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