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Gladiator 2 Reportedly in the Works as Ridley Scott Set to Milk Hollywood Nostalgia With Big Actors

Gladiator-2 Ridley-Scott

If you want a director in the Hollywood industry who lets his work do all the talking for his greatness, then look no further than Ridley Scott, who has created so many modern-day classics that it’s a little hard to keep track of them all. From science fiction to action, adventure and fantasy, there is no genre that hasn’t received a film from the legendary director that hasn’t become a fan favorite.

Ridley Scott
Ridley Scott

Among his many creations, the movie Gladiator remains one of the most beloved films of his career. Showcasing the character of a roman warrior who is disgraced and turned into a gladiator to fight till death, Scott was able to make the story impactful with his direction and narration prowess. And now, he is reported to return to the director’s chair to make a sequel to his 20-year-old superhit movie, and fans are convinced that this is another way to milk the cash cow that is the previous film’s legacy.

People Argue That Gladiator 2 Is Ridley Scott’s Way of Milking The Franchise

Russel Crowe as Maximus in Gladiator
Russel Crowe as Maximus in Gladiator

Taking a trip down memory lane, many from the 2000s remember Russel Crowe’s performance as Maximus in Gladiator. Ridley Scott brought back his experience of films set in the past and added the flavor of fantasy to bring one of the biggest hits of the year that would become a classic for generations to come. With stellar storytelling, near-perfect execution of the plot, and Crowe’s epic performance, the film won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

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And so, to continue the legacy of the previous film, the director of the Blade Runner series is back to bring the sequel to the blockbuster. The work on the proposed Gladiator 2 has reportedly started with the completion of the script, and the filming is reported to be starting after Napoleon. in the meantime, it is also reported that the director is on a search for high-profile actors who would love to join the project.

It seems like this is another instance where Scott has decided to explore one of his classic blockbusters from the old times and cash in on their fame. Within the last two decades, we have observed the revival of the Alien series and the Blade Runner series, which have all performed excellently at the box office, which leads many to believe that this is another attempt by the Exodus director to milk one of his creations for the newer audience.

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What To Expect From Gladiator 2?

Gladiator is still a cinematic masterpiece 22 years down the line
Gladiator is still a cinematic masterpiece 22 years down the line

After all the years of wait, there is finally some hope for the sequel to finally be made in earnest. There are a lot of predicaments though, like whether we would see the return of Russel Crowe in the sequel, and if so, then how will it happen? Who will be the new cast and who will they be cast as? These questions, along with the fact that the film hasn’t even started to roll the cameras are some of the reasons that apart from the completion of the script, no one knows virtually anything about the project just yet.

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