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‘Glen Powell as Booster Gold please’: DC Fans Denounce Chris Pratt for Top Gun 2 Star after Pratt’s Claim to Play Iconic Goofball in James Gunn Project

'Glen Powell as Booster Gold please': DC Fans Denounce Chris Pratt for Top Gun 2 Star after Pratt's Claim to Play Iconic Goofball in James Gunn Project

While there is a large chunk of the DC fandom that knows about almost all the characters from the pages of DC Comics, the recent fans who only know characters from the films will be oblivious to the superhero named Booster Gold. Although he has been depicted in a couple of TV shows in the past, he is all set to make his debut in the DC cinematic universe under James Gunn’s supervision.

Booster Gold from the comics
Booster Gold from the comics

And with the emergence of the superhero into the DCU being almost confirmed by sources, there are a lot of speculations about who the Brightburn director will cast as the main character of the upcoming project. In recent times, the name Chris Pratt has been going around to portray the superhero, but fans seem to be wanting someone else as the face of the upcoming character.

Fans Want Glen Powell As Booster Gold In The DCU!

Glen Powell in a still from Top Gun: Maverick
Glen Powell in a still from Top Gun: Maverick

As the roster of the superheroes and villains of the DCU keeps on expanding, there are opportunities for actors and actresses to become a part of something new and epic. Thus, fans of these stars are constantly rallying behind their favorite celebrities to get a chance to see them in some super action. Now, the character in discussion at the moment happens to be Booster Gold, a superhero who saves the day to become a favorite through showoff with the knowledge he gained of events after he came into the past from the future.

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While there have been many who were speculated to become the character, who is depicted as a goofball and a Happy-Go-Lucky kind of person. Thus, this character suited the persona of Chris Pratt very well, who has also portrayed the character of Star-Lord in the Guardians of the Galaxy series under James Gunn’s direction. Thus, he has talked about how he would love to play the role if Gunn ever needed him again.

But fans seem to have a different opinion. Many fans replied to this tweet, saying how Glen Powell, the star who played the role of Lt. Jake “Hangman” Seresin in the blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick, would be a better fit for the role.

Whether it is Chris Pratt or Glen Powell depends on the choice that James Gunn will make at the end, but fans can still nudge the director into a certain direction with their persuasive powers.

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Who Is Booster Gold?

Eric Martsolf as Booster Gold in a still from Smallville
Eric Martsolf as Booster Gold in a still from Smallville

Booster Gold, whose real name is Michael Jon Carter, is a man from the future who stole a number of gadgets from the museum where he worked with his accomplice, a robot named Skeets. The gadgets gave him an almost invulnerable state of being along with giving him force-field generation and time-leaping abilities, which he used to travel to the past. Now, in the 20th century, he prevents major catastrophes as they are about to happen with the knowledge he got from the future and makes a name for himself as a superhero.

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