Glen Powell Crushes Sydney Sweeney’s Heart, Shuts Her Down After ‘Euphoria’ Star Compares Herself To Taylor Swift, Beyoncé

In a viral video, Glen Powell struggles to understand modern internet slang while reacting to thirst tweets with co-star Sydney Sweeney.

Glen Powell Crushes Sydney Sweeney’s Heart, Shuts Her Down After ‘Euphoria’ Star Compares Herself To Taylor Swift, Beyoncé


  • Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney appeared together on BuzzFeed Celeb to promote 'Anyone but You'.
  • Powell was dumbfounded by the internet referring to Sweeney as "mother" and failed to understand its meaning.
  • Despite Sweeney's best efforts, Powell was thrown off by Gen-Z slang leading to a quirky interaction between the co-stars.
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Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney headlined the 2023 romantic-drama movie Anyone but You. While promoting the film, Powell and Sweeney appeared on BuzzFeed Celeb’s YouTube channel where they read thirst tweets and comments aimed at them. The pair gained recognition for their sizzling on-screen chemistry in the movie, which was also on display during the interview.

Glen Powell
Glen Powell in Top Gun: Maverick

In the viral video, Powell and Sweeney reacted to internet comments and opinions about them. However, one particular comment completely stumped Powell because of its use of internet slang. Moreover, Powell was left further confused when Sweeney tried to explain to him the slang’s meaning by using Taylor Swift and Beyoncé as examples. Here is how the hilarious interaction led to Powell crushing Sweeney’s heart.

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Glen Powell Does Not Understand Why the Internet Calls Sydney Sweeney “Mother”

Glen Powell
Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney in Anyone But You

While promoting their film Anyone but You, Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney appeared on BuzzFeed Celeb. In one of the channel’s viral videos, the co-stars read and reacted to thirst tweets aimed at them. One of the tweets Powell read referred to Sweeney as “Mother.” However, the Top Gun: Maverick actor was visibly confused by the tag.

“Sydney Sweeney is mother. Do you know what that means?”

Powell stated in the video while reading the tweet and questioning his co-star. Sweeney tried to explain the meaning of the slang which typically refers to love and appreciation aimed at a famous woman.

Sweeney used Taylor Swift and Beyoncé as examples to help her co-star understand the meaning of the Gen-Z term. However, her explanation added to Powell’s confusion who denied the notion of Sweeney being a “mother,” without understanding the slang’s meaning.


“I still don’t get it. Mothering like, are you maternal? Or are you mom like queen?”

Powell made the above comment, voicing his confusion. Sweeney seemingly put an end to Powell’s hilarious confusion by stating the term was similar to the slang “Queen.” Nonetheless, by refusing to call Sweeney “Mother,” Powell inadvertently crushed his co-star’s heart during the interview.

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Glen Powell Admits to Being Thrown Off by Gen-Z Slang

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney
Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney reading thirst tweets for BuzzFeed Celeb

In the video, Powell and Sweeney read more thirst comments and tweets and had a blast reacting to them. However, when all was said and done, Powell still could not wrap his head around the Gen-Z slang, particularly the term “Mother,” which he seemingly learned for the first time during the reaction video.


“The mother one is still throwing me.”

Powell made the above statement, admitting he still did not fully understand the meaning and implication of the slang. However, Sweeney quipped at her co-star by stating the internet might label him “Daddy” because of his comments during the video.

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The quirky and funny video was the perfect tease of Powell and Sweeney’s sizzling chemistry that was on full display in Anyone but You. Despite debuting to mixed reviews, the film went on to pass the $100 million mark at the worldwide box office, becoming a big hit. Sweeney will next appear in Madame Web while Powell is set to star in Twisters, a standalone sequel to the 1996 film Twister.

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