Glen Powell Sparks DCU Rumors Again After David Corenswet’s Superman Confirmation as Top Gun 2 Star Becomes Fan-Favorite to Play Booster Gold

Glen Powell Sparks DCU Rumors Again After David Corenswet’s Superman Confirmation as Top Gun 2 Star Becomes Fan-Favorite to Play Booster Gold
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James Gunn and DC Studios have just dropped one of their biggest announcements. After a series of auditions and screen tests for his highly ambitious directorial Superman: Legacy, the DC head has officially cast Superman and Lois Lane. The Politician star David Corenswet and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel actor Rachel Brosnahan is the two stars chosen to play the celebrated DC icon and his love interest for the upcoming feature.

Glen Powell
Hollywood star Glen Powell

While social media is currently buzzing with views and opinions on Gunn’s casting choice, another star who has hinted about his affinity for DC is now making the news. After his congratulatory tweet to David Corenswet, Top Gun: Maverick actor Glen Powell is now sparking rumors about his involvement in the franchise, specifically for the role of Booster Gold.

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Fans Hope To See Glen Powell As DC’s Booster Gold

Following the big announcement of David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan being cast as Superman and Lois Lane for Superman: Legacy, Top Gun: Maverick star Glen Powell also took to social media to congratulate Corenswet on his marquee role. After seeing his message, fans of the actor expressed their excitement online about the possibility of Powell being involved in the franchise as one of the members of the Justice League, Booster Gold. The speculation comes after Powell himself had previously spoken about the DC character and why he appealed to him.

Booster Gold
Fans of Glen Powell are hoping to see him as Booster Gold


— Jason (@jdally123) June 27, 2023


With fans highly anticipating Glen Powell’s presence in the DCU, his fate is now in the hands of James Gunn, his team, and their vision for the franchise.

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Booster Gold Or Green Lantern? The Perfect Fit For Glen Powell

With the main cast of Superman: Legacy being decided, DC Head James Gunn’s next moves regarding the casting of other characters in the film will be watched closely. Apart from this film, the franchise has also confirmed that a TV series based on the DC character Booster Gold is in the works in collaboration with HBO Max. Top Gun: Maverick star Glen Powell’s name has been making the rounds after the actor had publicly spoken about the character a while back. To quote Powell,


“Booster Gold is really funny. Booster Gold’s a funny one.”

Glen Powell
Glen Powell in Top Gun: Maverick

With Booster Gold being known for his movie star good looks and his witty demeanor, Glen Powell looks to be the perfect actor to play the part. But the celebrity is also being touted by fans as an ideal candidate to portray another DC superhero, Green Lantern. For now, with reports coming in that James Gunn and Peter Safran are already talking to potential actors for the character of Booster Gold, fans will have to wait just a little longer to see if Glen Powell cuts.

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