“Go and f*cking sit down then”: Antony Starr Shows No Mercy to a Fan After a Heated Debate Over Homelander vs Omni-Man

Antony Starr got hilariously defensive about his character in a question about a possible brawl with Omni-Man.

"Go and f*cking sit down then": Antony Starr Shows No Mercy to a Fan After a Heated Debate Over Homelander vs Omni-Man


  • Antony Starr plays Homelander in The Boys.
  • Recently a fan asked the actor about who would win a fight between Invincible's Omni-Man and Homelander.
  • Starr got into a hilarious debate regarding the question with the fan.
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Antony Starr has become synonymous with the character of Homelander in Amazon Prime’s The Boys. The vile and psychopathic character has now become an important part of current pop culture and is frequently included in the discourse around superheroes and the comic book world. The character recently made a cameo in the finale of the spin-off series Gen V.

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Antony Starr as Homelander
Antony Starr as Homelander

Ever since the release of Invincible, another superhero entry on the streamer, fans have gone on to compare the characters Omni-Man and Homelander and the similarities between them. They have also wondered about who might win in a one-on-one brawl between them. A fan recently posed this question to Starr and this led to a hilariously heated debate between the two.


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Antony Starr Engages In a Heated Debate About Homelander vs Omni-Man

Fans have been speculating who would win in a potential brawl between Omni-Man and Homelander
Fans have been speculating the winner in a potential brawl between Omni-Man and Homelander

Antony Starr is now known worldwide as the actor who plays Homelander in Amazon’s The Boys. His nuanced and complex portrayal of the incredibly flawed and vile antagonist of the series has been lauded by critics and audiences across its 3 seasons. Amazon also has another similar character in the form of Omni-Man in Invincible and fans can’t help but compare the two.


Starr, and two of his co-stars from the series Chace Crawford (The Deep) and Laz Alonso (Mother’s Milk) recently made an appearance at a Q & A event in Manchester about the show (via YouTube). A fan asked Starr a question about who would win in a brawl between Omni-Man and his character Homelander.

This hilariously turned into a debate between the two where Starr defended his character and the fan was determined that Omni-Man would crush Homelander. Starr also showed his wicked sense of humor in his interaction and was having a jolly good time with the question. He said,


“Who do You think would would win? (fan replies ‘Omni-Man’) Security get him the f**k out. No, you’re probably right. I mean he’s a cartoon right, how are we gonna make that switch…There was a graphic novel actually.. Anyway, Homelander would win, let’s just think of that alright (fan replies ‘I agree to disagree’). Oh go fu**ing sit down then. Thank you for your question. Thanks, Mate!”

The interaction was interesting to witness and got a bit heated hilariously. Fans have been already talking about this question for a long time and listening to Starr’s wicked take on it was pretty satisfying to hear.

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Antony Starr Did the Most Bizzare Thing in The Boys Season 4

Homelander in season 4 of The Boys
Homelander in season 4 of The Boys

Antony Starr has played Homelander over 3 seasons of The Boys. The character has had a complex evolution and the character keeps getting worse and more dangerous as the story goes on. The character has done some of the most outrageous and vile acts that have pushed the limits of how degenerate a character can go without losing its audience.

Starr in an interview with Variety claimed that he did the most bizarre thing as the character in season 4 of the series, He was so shocked by what he did that he hilariously questioned what he was doing with his life. Starr said,


“There has to be a ceiling, but we can’t seem to find it. I was looking at the person I was opposite, and I said, ‘What are we doing? I can’t believe this! I could have done anything else with my life, but here I am doing this?’ It was truly the most bizarre thing I’ve ever done.”

The fourth season of The Boys is set to release next year on Amazon Prime. For now, fans can catch up on all the happenings in The Boys universe with the three seasons and Gen V to prepare for the fourth season.

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