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“Go watch the movie, and then we can talk”: Marvel Star Chris Pratt Loses His Calm After Fan Hate Over His Upcoming Movie

"Go watch the movie, and then we can talk": Marvel Star Chris Pratt Loses His Calm After Fan Hate Over His Upcoming Movie

Chris Pratt’s Super Mario Bros. Movie is almost here and the criticism has not ended. The actor will be portraying the titular character and the response hasn’t been the kindest. For the audience they expected someone else to voice the character and whoever they had in mind, but Pratt was not it. This has been an ongoing comment ever since he was announced to take the lead.

The Super Mario Bros Movie Chris Pratt
The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Although for the most part, the actor remained silent, he has finally chosen to speak on the matter. The iconic character has a lot of hopes and the fans do not expect Pratt to live up to them. However, he has a counter and has spoken up in his defense as the release of the movie is right around the corner.

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Chris Pratt Stands Up For Himself

In a recent interview, Chris Pratt has chosen to respond to the constant backlash he has been facing ever since he was cast as Mario in the Super Mario Bros. Movie. He remained quiet for a rather long time. However, now he has spoken up about the matter and is defending himself, stating that he has done an incredible job.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie
The Super Mario Bros. Movie

“I really think that once you see the movie,” the actor added. “And you know what, in all honestly, I think you probably need to watch it twice.”

The voice actor for Luigi, John Leguizamo, also expressed his dismay at Pratt’s casting. He stated that they could have chosen someone better for the role as the actor does not fit the character at all. The Guardians of the Galaxy actor defended himself by stating that the backlash is irrelevant until the fans have watched the movie. He even urged the audience to watch it more than once if they doubt him as much. His hope to change the minds of the fans may or may not work.

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Is The Super Mario Fandom Right To Doubt Chris Pratt?

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is not only a homage to the Nintendo game but also the fans. There is no doubt that these fans are more than passionate about the upcoming project as well. This passion is very clearly reflected in Chris Pratt’s casting.

Chris Pratt as Mario.
Chris Pratt as Mario

The actor is a professional and has been in some of the biggest projects. He is a talented actor and his roles as Andy Dwyer and Peter Quill are only some of the most praised roles he has. While the doubt may be okay considering that there could have been better choices. It perhaps is not best to jump to conclusions before the movie is even released.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be available to watch in theatres from 5th April 2023.

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