“Will break the internet I 100% guarantee”: Not Egypt, But God of War Fans Believe Kratos May End Up Following Assassin’s Creed to an Entirely New Location

Kratos going to Japan like the Assassin's Creed franchise instead of Egypt will break the internet.

God of War


  • The gaming community imagined what the God of War franchise would look like if the developers were to explore Japan.
  • Santa Monica Studio wrapped up the Norse Saga and opened more doors of opportunities for sequels and spinoff games.
  • God of War fans are eager to see where the developers will take Kratos next beyond the Norse pantheon.
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God of War has been around for the past two decades and the developers were able to highlight two different pantheons in separate sagas. The Ghost of Sparta made short work of the Gods of Olympus and ended the oppressive reign of the Aesir Gods across the Nine Realms.


The ending of the Norse Saga and the stories of Tyr all but confirmed that there are other pantheons out there for the world to discover. Atreus has set out to explore the world and may encounter new groups of gods residing in their respective cultures for his father to face.

The Gaming Community Is Convinced That the God of War Franchise Is Far From Over

There is still a lot more to unpack after the ending of God of War Ragnarok.
There is still a lot more to unpack after the ending of God of War Ragnarok. Image Credit: Santa Monica Studio

Santa Monica Studio did a fantastic job expanding the franchise. The original trilogy featured the Greek Gods and their untimely demise at the hands of the Ghost of Sparta and it is indicative of what the God of War will do to those who wronged him and his family.


Ragnarok ended positively and left the door open for the PlayStation icon to return in a future project, possibly set in different pantheons. Perhaps the developers will take notes from Assassin’s Creed Shadows and explore the Japanese culture.

The Japanese culture is fascinating and many other franchises focus heavily on it. Perhaps Sony could afford another major series to shed light on this culture like many others.

The fans expect the retired god to carry a new weapon and leave the Leviathan Axe now that it has done its job. The developers will have more room to work with as the franchise steps away from the Norse pantheon.


The Valhalla DLC subtly hinted at Tyr’s journey and his many encounters with different cultures.

Perhaps there is an opportunity for other pantheons to seek the aid of Kratos and his allies.

Fans Are Excited to See Where Kratos Will Go Next

Kratos may not be ready to retire.
Kratos may not be ready to retire. Image Credit: Santa Monica Studio

Atreus might be the face of a new game but his combat may not be up to standard against new threats. The developers have a lot of work to do until then.


Fans also thought of different enemy types. The Japanese culture is full of fantastical creatures for the developers to choose from.

There is room for growth and no telling where the developers will go next.

The developers have more plans in the future. The end of the Norse Saga marks the beginning of a new chapter.


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