God of War Ragnarok Free DLC Releases Today: Sony Santa Monica Clarifies Download Instructions

The free DLC for God of War Ragnarok, titled Valhalla has now gone live and is available to download for players who own the base game.

God of War Ragnarok Free DLC Releases Today: Sony Santa Monica Clarifies Download Instructions


  • Santa Monica advised players to have the base game downloaded and installed prior to downloading and accessing the free DLC.
  • Valhalla is said to have five difficulty levels and the roguelike will push players to master different abilities and weapons.
  • The Devs behind Valhalla are said to have so far failed at completing the DLC at the highest difficulty setting.
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The free DLC for God of War Ragnarok titled Valhalla was announced during The Game Awards earlier this month. The free DLC was officially released today at 9 am Pacific Time and Santa Monica Studio has sent out a quick note to all players who will be trying to download the DLC today.


There is no catch included as owners of the base game will be eligible to download the DLC. Valhalla will see Kratos and Mimir travel to Valhalla following the events of Ragnarok. The official description for the DLC has some spoilers from Ragnarok for players who have yet to complete the base game.

Santa Monica Studio Shares Quick Note About DLC Download

The God of War Ragnarok saga continues with a free DLC, Valhalla.
The God of War Ragnarok saga continues with a free DLC, Valhalla.

Developers of Ragnarok, Santa Monica Studio have shared a quick note on X to those trying to download the DLC today. The developers mentioned that those trying to download the DLC should ensure they download the base game completely and have it installed before attempting to access the DLC. At the time of writing, Santa Monica Studio has just announced the official release of the DLC as well.


Ragnarok was released on the 9th of November last year and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the game should have been completed by fans already. Requiring the base game to access the game’s DLC should be common knowledge, but it should still serve as a good reminder to those who might have the game uninstalled by now.

Potential God of War Ragnarok spoilers follow beyond this point.

Valhalla is the first DLC that the game is receiving and was announced at this year’s The Game Awards with a teaser. The teaser showed Kratos traveling to Valhalla accompanied only by Mimir following the battle against Odin and Atreus’ departure at the end of Ragnarok. Kratos begins the teaser by asking Mimir if he ever remembered anything about the fabled place which Mimir denies.


Once Kratos enters a doorway, he faces several enemies one by one and even gets killed by one of them. Kratos does get revived instantly and Mimir asks him to go again. This suggested a time loop concept while facing the enemies. The God of War franchise is taking a roguelike approach for the first time and players will need to master a lot of combat techniques to conquer and progress through the DLC and complete it.

Ragnarok‘s Co-Directors Mihir Sheth and Bruno Velazquez have also quickly put together a few pointers gamers should know before they delve into the DLC. They revealed Valhalla couldn’t be explored in the base game and hence a new take on Valhalla was created for players to explore.

The entire gameplay is said to be a “replayable adventure that plays out differently in each attempt“. The major theme being “Master Thyself” will get players to focus on “which perks to take, which runic attacks to use, and which stats to upgrade” as they master different combat styles and weapons.


Both Sheth and Velazquez insisted players complete the base game so there are no spoilers to uncover in the DLC but left it to players to approach the DLC as they wished.

God of War Ragnarok’s Free DLC Remains Unbeaten Even by Devs

Valhalla has now gone Live, base game owners can now download the free DLC.
Valhalla has now gone Live, base game owners can now download the free DLC.

Sheth has also revealed on X that nobody from the Dev team that worked on Valhalla has managed to complete the DLC in its highest difficulty possible. Sheth mentioned being curious to see just how quickly players beat the game on the highest difficulty to “humble” the Dev team but also hoped that the team has beaten the gaming community this time around.

The new DLC is said to have five difficulty settings, with the hardest difficulty level named “Show Me Mastery“. When asked by a gamer if there will be an option to switch difficulty level on the go, Sheth mentioned that players will be free to set the difficulty level at the start of a new attempt, but they must commit “once you walk through the starting doors until you fail or succeed.


Sheth mentioned players must switch between the difficulty levels including the highest difficulty level and try them all as they progress so they can choose the difficulty setting that fits them. It’s anyone’s guess as to how long it would take gamers to master the DLC now that it’s out for all.

Valhalla is ready to be downloaded and conquered by God of War Ragnarok owners and will require anywhere between 7GB to 8GB of size. As the developers have mentioned, it’s important to ensure that the base game is downloaded and installed fully before players download and access the DLC.

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