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God of War: Ragnarok – Fifth God of War Game Confirmed for PS5

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The hit game franchise God of War is coming back with yet another installment to the adventures of Kratos and Atreus as they make their way through Godly Wrath. The last game pit Kratos against the Norse Pantheon. The game ended on a cliff-hangar and the fans were left with a lot of questions with no answers to. God of War 5 will shed some light into that matter. With the PS5 Showcase event yesterday, a slew of new generation games for the next generation console have been announced including God of War: Ragnarok.

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The success of the 2018 reboot of the God of War franchise was a shot in the arm for the waning popularity of the massively popular video game. Sony Interactive Entertainment has joined forces with SIE Santa Monica Studio for a new God of War game. The fifth God of War game will focus on Ragnarok, the Norse End of Days. The news of a new God of War game was welcomed by the fans of the series that have grown up playing the hot-headed Kratos throughout the years.


The 2018 reboot is considered one of the greatest highlights of the series and one of the flagship games of the PS4 Console along with Ghosts of Tsushima and Horizon Zero Dawn. The fourth God of War game was one of the highest rated PS4 games as well as one of the greatest games of all time.

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God of War 5 aka God of War: Ragnarok is revealed to be under development. The game will be exclusive to the PS5 Console. It will be a PS5 exclusive so if you want to play the game, you will have to shell out a little bit more money and upgrade your rig. We hope that the new God of War game will be worth the wait and the extra money spent.

The new teaser released by Sony for God of War: Ragnarok confirmed the game’s existence. But this did not leave the fans surprised since the last game ended abruptly and there was a lot of room for a sequel. The new Game will probably pit Kratos against the might of the All-Father Odin and Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, who appeared in the final moments of the game’s last cut-scene. Cory Barlog, Creative Director of the Project, sent out cryptic messages via his twitter account when he changed his profile picture to show an image of deep grey ice. The account’s banner image represented redacted Latin text.

The popular God of War franchise began its journey in the year 2005. It was released for the PS2 console. Becoming one of the most played Playstation games of all time the franchise remained dormant until the 2018 reboot resurrected the franchise with new vigor. The latest game showed us a new, humbler side of Kratos and weaved in a father-son element to the story arc. Kratos is now a family man. Atreus is at a very young and tender age. Dark clouds loom over the horizon. The tale of Kratos is taking a rather interesting turn indeed.

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What will God of War: Ragnarok have in store for us? Will it be able to top its predecessor? Let’s see how things turn out. Ragnarok is Coming!!

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