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Godzilla 2 Teased Battra: Evil Mothra Might Be Coming to Godzilla vs. Kong

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Godzilla: King of the Monsters is one of the rare occasions in Hollywood where the sequel lives up to the expectations set by the original movie. Godzilla was a brilliant movie. Godzilla: King of the Monsters was just as good as if not better than the original installment. While the first movie showed us Godzilla fighting the evil MUTOs. It was in the second movie that the MonsterVerse caught steam, building up the titans and revealing their existence to the world. One of the benevolent Titans was Mothra, popularly known as the Queen of the Monsters. Mothra helped save Godzilla’s life and died an honorable death fighting King Ghidorah. But the end credits of King of the Monsters might have slipped out a big hint at her return. Mothra may be headed back to the MonsterVerse as the evil Battra.

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Godzilla: King of the Monsters provided some justice to the legacy of Mothra. She was one of the first monsters seen in the movie. She made a total of two epic appearances. The first time she did, she was still in her larvae form. Rabid and confused, Mothra attacked Monarch and later fled the scene. She later underwent metamorphosis and came back to help Godzilla in his fight against Rodan and Ghidorah. In the climactic battle, Mothra fought Rodan while Godzilla engaged King Ghidorah. Mothra’s death came at the hands of Ghidorah. Before dying, she transferred the last of her life essence to Godzilla, who then unlocked a powerful atomic pulse technique/ Ghidorah died but so did Mothra.

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The movie had already teased that one of Ghidorah’s head survived. Could it be that maybe Mothra could also return in some form? We know that Mothra really cannot die. In the original lore, she can transfer her memories into her off-spring and thus achieve a form of pseudo-immortality. If the MonsterVerse movie was bold enough to tease a return of Ghidorah, why not Mothra?

Turns out, there might be a way for Mothra to return. The credits section of the movie might have already teased a way. Mothra may return in the third Godzilla movie. But she will not be how you expected her resurrected form to be. This new Mothra might be evil to the core.

Introducing Battra: Mothra’s Evil Nemesis

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In the 1992 movie Godzilla vs. Mothra, the history of the winged titan was explored in vivid detail. The movie told the tale of Mothra and her fight with Battra. Mothra and Battra’s rivalry goes beyond 12,000 years. Battra, just like Mothra, is an insect titan that hatches itself from a cocoon and undergoes metamorphosis from larvae to a winged bug Kaiju. Battra has horns on its head which can fire powerful energy beams. Mothra and Battra both intend to protect the planet. But they have their own visions on how to do that.

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Mothra believes that humanity is a part of the world and in order to protect the world, humanity should also be safeguarded. Mothra has a more nurturing and benevolent approach. But Battra intends to protect the planet by eradicating mankind. The monster believes that humanity is the cancer which is killing Earth. The dark and menacing creature fights Mothra while the former does whatever it can to destroy all humanity. Due to ideological differences, Mothra and Battra fought for the fate of the world thousands of years ago. Mothra won and trapped Battra under the ocean floor. Battra woke up several centuries later when a meteor struck its prison and awoke the giant bug destroyer from its deep slumber.

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In the 1992 movie, Battra and Mothra would team up to fight Godzilla, whom they considered to be a threat to the world. Godzilla managed to kill Mothra in a last ditch effort. Mothra escaped while the tale of Battra came to an end. Battra has not been in any movie ever since after its cinematic demise.

How Does Evil Mothra Come to the MonsterVerse?

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In the movie, before Mothra came to Godzilla’s rescue, it laid an egg which had not hatched by the end of the movie. When the movie credits rolled, we got to see some newspaper clippings and articles in the background. One of the newspaper articles’ titles said “Could giant insect egg be a second Mothra…or something else?” The movie revealed a lot to us with just that splinter of a tease.

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The egg has been termed to be the way the Queen of the Monsters returns to the MonsterVerse. But what if we are wrong? What if it is not Mothra that comes out of that egg but the Battra larvae that springs out to cause mayhem? Mike Dougherty, Director of Godzilla: King of the Monsters also had commented on the same. In a past interview, he carefully chose his words that hinted that Mothra’s Monster Egg might give rise to a new breed of insect titan never seen in the MonsterVerse. The Credits of Godzilla 2 reveal that the next movies will touch upon ancient rivalries. If that is the case, then the movie might be hinting towards a Mothra vs Battra fight since the rivalry of these two insect titans goes way more back than what Godzilla and Ghidorah have.

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But it is not to say that Mothra cannot return. Mothra has been around for thousands of years. She was around in the Monsterverse even when humanity was just beginning to populate the planet. She must have led countless eggs. One of those eggs hidden deep in a corner of the world might hatch to reveal a second Mothra.

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From the looks of it, it is pretty much evident that Battra is about to enter the fold. But how could that be? From what we know so far, early humanity had knowledge of the existence of Titans. They peacefully co-existed with them. Some of them even worshiped the Titans as seen in the ancient human civilization ruins at the center of the hollow earth in King of the Monsters. A little later, humanity started enslaving the Titans and used them as weapons of war. The Titans rebelled and led to the Human-Titan War, leading to the Ice Age.

Battra hates humanity for a reason. There needs to be a plausible reason behind that. The MonsterVerse already has given a hint at what could that be. Since the cycle of rebirth and reincarnation for Mothra and Battra are endless, Battra will have knowledge of the ancient Human-Titan War. And it might be trying to re-ignite those flames to rally the Titans for a second Human-Titan War, the one that would decide the fate of the world.

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