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Godzilla vs Kong Director Teases Big Kaiju Destruction & Confirms Rating

Godzilla vs Kong Director Teases Big Kaiju Destruction Confirms Rating

Horror films ‘The Guest’ and ‘The Blair Witch’ director, Adam Wingard will direct one of the biggest films of his career to date.

He will helm the director’s chair for the upcoming kaiju crossover with Godzilla vs Kong.

PG-13 Rating

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Adam Wingard recently shared on Instagram and confirmed working on this new project.

He was excited to share the rating of PG-13 with his audience, knowing that more people, especially kids, can enjoy the upcoming movie. He also gave hints about massive violence.

Godzilla: King Of Monsters ended with the Lizard becoming the real monarch and ruler of the giant monsters.

In the upcoming movie, fans speculate the fight between the leader of Skull Island and the massive beast will be humongous. 

Kong Back in Race

King Kong appeared years ago in the Legendary Films, Kong: Skull Island.

A crew of soldiers came across the island lost to time, wanted to discover more than they wished for, in a world full of monsters.

With the mind-blowing team of giant spiders, skull-faced and dangerous lizards, and King Kong himself, many of the soldiers didn’t even stand a chance to escape the island without losing their lives. 

The director of the film, Adam Wingard, shared a post of confirmation through his official Instagram account. He stated that it was an understatement to say that the film will have intense sequences of destruction. 

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That’s an understatement 😉

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Godzilla vs Kong 


After this announcement, fans cant wait to catch the live action of two great monsters on silver screens. The official description of the movie is as follows :

Legends fight against each other, as Godzilla and Kong, two most powerful forces collide. It’s a spectacular battle for the ages.

As the monarch, Godzilla embarks on his mission into unknown terrain, and he unearths clues to the origin of Titans.

Also, a human conspiracy threatens to destroy creatures, both evil and good, from the earth forever.

When Kong was first introduced, it depicted that the prime ape was still growing and was in his adolescence phase.

Godzilla is definitely in different class according to weight based on the Kong: Skull Island movie. It will be interesting to see how Kong manages to blow punches to the monster, and who knocks out the other one first. 

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