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Godzilla Vs Kong Final Trailer Is Out And It Is More Than We Hoped For (Spoilers)

Godzilla Vs Kong Final Trailer Is Out And It Is More Than We Hoped For (Spoilers)

The most anticipated movie of this March, Godzilla Vs Kong, grabs even more shock and awe from its audience as they reveal the final trailer. The studio pulled out their trump card in a movie that has our favorite classical monsters pitted against each other just eight days away from release. (Spoilers ahead)

The final trailer for Godzilla Vs Kong is finally out and we cannot control our excitement! The trailer not only showcases our favorite monstrous giants on the screen, but we also get our first look at the absolute terror that is Mechagodzilla as he rampages through the streets. This movie not only serves as a culmination of the history of Godzilla and Kong that lead up to the possibility of this movie hitting the theaters but it’s also a love letter to the fans as they finally introduce the monster that would make them remember this movie for years to come.

The marketing for this movie started in January. As soon as we heard the news of the classics clashing each other becoming a real thing, we all waited patiently for the first trailer to drop. The studio kept us waiting, however, there is no doubt that the wait was worth it. The trailer keeps climbing in views, and the discussion hasn’t slowed down a bit. Since the trailer has been published, the media has been scouring and releasing merchandise reveals, TV spots, and sneak peeks of the movie. One of the film’s biggest discussion points is Mechagodzilla, one of Godzilla’s most well-known foes. A Mechagodzilla toy part of the Godzilla vs. Kong line was leaked last year, and it is now popping up in stores.

The trailer hints at the fact that Skull Island may not be Kong’s home after this film as hinted by the dialogue within the trailer “through the entrance in Antarctica we could help him find a new home“. With all the footage of the movie and the information gathered so far, we still have no exact clue as to where the MonsterVerse could head in the future with classic titans of our childhood.

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Written by Neal Johnson

An avid movie fan and pop culture enthusiast.