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Godzilla vs. Kong Spoiler Free Review: A Colossal Blockbuster!!

When you take two pop culture Titans and pit them in a grand showdown against each other, the audience’s expectations definitely run high. Godzilla vs. Kong features Godzilla and Kong (well duh!) as they give into their ancient rivalry while trying to prove who’s the Alpha! Since there can’t be two Alphas, so a match-up was always coming. We all knew what we were getting into when we went to watch the movie. But what we got from it was so much more. Never could we have imagined Hollywood could give us such high quality and refined content in a film that features Kaiju monsters.

Here’s our Spoiler-free Review (4/5):


Godzilla vs. Kong will leave you in awe and wonder. We would go so far as to say the movie’s Kaijus seem more relatable than many of the actors of today. Yep, it was that good! This was the fourth installment of WB and Legendary’s well-established MonsterVerse, and by far, it was the best!

The primary worry for Godzilla vs. Kong was that the movie might lean towards one monster more than the other. Godzilla proved to be the literal King of the Monsters in his second solo outing. He felt so over-powered that the idea of pitting a gigantic ape against him almost seemed funny. But this film totally does justice to its title. Both the Titans really get their moments to shine and you won’t be disappointed for favoring either of the two characters.

So far, you’ve already picked a positive review from us. But let me dig a little deeper and judge this film based on the following parameters:


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Seeing the title of this film, one might not step into the theatres thinking that it will offer a great plot. After all, it’s supposed to be two big monsters tussling for dominance. But no! It’s not just that. The plot involves the right amount of sci-fi elements and complexity to its Titan mythology. There was a great deal of world-building and the narrative felt like a true sequel to both King of the Monsters and Skull Island. It uses the human characters well enough as Alexander Skarsgård, Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry, Millie Bobby Brown, and Kaylee Hottle get to do enough.

But all in all, the film uses its Titans in a much better way. Yes, we get a clear winner between Godzilla and Kong. And you wouldn’t believe it until you watch it, but GvK actually draws parallels with movies like BVS, Transformers 4, Pacific Rim, Power Rangers, and even Hobbs & Shaw.

Entertainment, Action & Visual Appeal

What this film does so well is that it delivers on the promise of Monster Action. It was a complete package! Yes, we had to put in a bit of “Suspension of Disbelief” every now and then, but its 1 hour 53 minutes provide us a few good laughs, an action-packed spectacle between the titans, and a visual marvel. If it is comfortable for you, then do opt for a theatrical screening (IMAX preferable). You’d get full value in your theatrical experience because this movie is just so good-looking. Smaller screens might not deliver its greatness as well as a theatre. But if it isn’t possible, then go for it on HBO Max because the film is surely a must-watch!

I’m not saying that it is the best feature film of all time. But it is a ‘Colossal Blockbuster Event’ that will surely pay off on the hype, and leave you thoroughly entertained with Junkie XL’s score playing in the background. Oh, and yes, don’t sit through the credits! Peace Out.

Written by Vansh Mehra

Just wanna share my passion for cinema with everyone.