Goku Will Face His Worst Nightmare If He Ever Faces One of the Most Powerful Anime Characters of All Time- Can Saitama Beat Goku in One Punch?

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Goku Will Face His Worst Nightmare If He Ever Faces One of the Most Powerful Anime Characters of All Time- Can Saitama Beat Goku in One Punch

Son Goku is the most powerful Saiyan in the Dragon Ball series. He has fought and defeated many formidable antagonists in the series that the 12 universes have to offer.

His dedication to martial arts and his desire to fight unbeatable foes make him even stronger. No doubt, he is one of the strongest in the anime verse.

Goku in Ultra Instinct form
Goku in Ultra Instinct form

However, there is one character in anime considered more powerful than Goku, despite his Ultra Instinct. If he ever faces Goku in hand-to-hand combat, he will be the toughest opponent Goku has ever faced.

Yes, it’s Saitama, or we can say “One Punch Man.” Saitama has a limitless amount of strength, and because of it, he has the potential to destroy powerful monsters and villains with only one punch. Although his strength can’t be judged by his punch.

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However, it will be speculative to see if Saitama can beat Goku with one punch or if Goku’s Ultra Instinct is able to dodge the punch and counterattack Saitama.

Let’s take a look at their abilities to determine who could possibly win a hypothetical battle between the Saiyan Warrior and the strongest Superhero.

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Goku: The Dragon Ball franchise is always known for its battles and blustering fight scenes. As a Saiyan, Goku is naturally powerful and quicker than an average human. Even when he was a child, he fought with powerful contenders twice his age. Goku also has numerous abilities like Super Saiyan God and Ultra Instinct, as well as his signature ki attacks to take on anyone.


Saitama: Saitama is incredibly strong, fast, and has quick reflexes, far beyond what a typical human can achieve. He can effortlessly break Olympic records and outperform regular people in every way. However, besides these physical abilities, there’s nothing else extraordinary about him. Despite his strict routine, he is a regular human with some exceptional powers.


Goku: Throughout his entire life, all Goku does is train and fight opponents who are more powerful than him, and he eventually surpasses every single one of them. Because of his desire to become stronger, he always pushes himself to the highest point with consistent eating and training. Throughout the series, the character wanders to many places, like outer space, underwater, and even the afterlife. There’s no one who can disagree that Goku has an impressive combat portfolio.

Anime: One Punch Man
One Punch Man, Saitama

Saitama: Saitama’s charm comes from defeating incredibly powerful enemies with a single punch while he looks completely uninterested. His unique strength was achieved through a seemingly silly training routine. Unlike Goku, Saitama’s training was completed a long time ago, and now he’s focused on making a reputation for himself.

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Can Saitama Beat Goku in a Single Punch?

This is really hard to predict who could win the fight between Goku and Saitama. Goku has his powerful transformations and Saiyan abilities, while Saitama has incredible raw strength that seems unbeatable.

Goku Vs. Saitama
Goku Vs. Saitama

It’s likely that Saitama would win, but it could also depend on who can keep going the longest. Saitama is physically superior, and one punch from him could defeat Goku. Goku’s Zenkai Boost might not be enough to save him. In the end, it would be an interesting and epic battle.

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