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“Gonna be in your 70s when they graduate college”: Emmy Rossum Destroyed Ageist Troll Insulting Hilary Swank’s Pregnancy With Just 3 Letters

"Gonna be in your 70s when they graduate college": Emmy Rossum Destroyed Ageist Troll Insulting Hilary Swank's Pregnancy With Just 3 Letters

Hilary Swank has been in showbiz for long, knowing perfectly well the pros and cons of celebrity life. Undeterred and unothered she revealed last year that she was expecting twins at the age of 48. Naturally, while many friends and fans congratulated her, there were heaps of negative comments pointing out her ‘old’ age.

Hilary Swank
Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank

While Swank excellently ignored such comments by continuing to share her excitement and happiness over the good news, her co-star and friend Emmy Rossum quickly jumped to her defense, destroying trolls in Swank’s Instagram comment section.

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Emmy Rossum Defends Hilary Swank Against Ageist Trolls

emmy rossum
Actress Emmy Rossum

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When Hilary Swank announced her pregnancy online, there were bound to be some trolls for since when has the internet treated celebrities well? The Oscar-winning actress was scrutinized and called out for getting pregnant at the age of 48, an age when most women would feel ashamed to be expecting thanks to societal norms.

However, the actress, not caring for anything but the happy news, posted photos of herself with her baby bump on Instagram, captioning them,

 “Coming soon…DOUBLE feature!”

Soon enough the post quickly garnered over thousands of likes and comments with many of her fans and industry contemporaries congratulating her and her husband on the happy news. But just as expected, there were multiple ageists and negative comments pointing out her ‘age’ and the age difference she will inevitably have with her kids.


One user even commented,

“Aren’t you like 50 [years] old? Gonna be in your 70s when they graduate college. Might live to see their wedding, maybe.”

While Swank did not respond to such comments, fellow actress and Swank’s You’re Not You co-star Emmy Rossum jumped for her defense and destroyed a troll with just three words. “Gfy” (an abbreviation of ‘go f**k yourself’) the Shameless actress wrote in the comments while others too chimed in to call out the heinous trolls.

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Hilary Swank Is a Mother Of Twins Now

A pregnant Hilary Swank at the 80th Golden Globes Awards
Hilary Swank at the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards

The esteemed actress and her husband Philip Schneider welcomed twins earlier this year in April. Now a mother of a daughter and a son, the actress has been enjoying and loving motherhood as she pours her energy into caring for her little ones.

Previously in January, she had mentioned how wonderful she had been feeling and expressed her respect for all women while being on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

“I feel like women are superheroes. What our bodies do? I have such, like, a whole newfound respect. I mean, I love women, I’ve always loved women, but now, I’m like, ‘Wow, we can do this!'”

And now in her Instagram post announcing the birth of her twins in early April, the actress mentioned that while it wasn’t easy but the experience was worth it and that she is glad to be a mother. Away from showbiz, the actress has so far been enjoying her quiet life with her two kids.

Source: Instagram and The Late Late Show with James Corden

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