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‘Good now make a new Mummy Movie starring him’: Fans Demand Brendan Fraser’s Return as ‘Rick O’Connell’ After He Wins Most Emotional Comeback of 2022 Award

'Good now make a new Mummy Movie starring him': Fans Demand Brendan Fraser's Return as 'Rick O'Connell' After He Wins Most Emotional Comeback of 2022 Award

Brendan Fraser’s return to the Hollywood industry has truly been an awaited one for the fans as to see him showcase his talent once again is heartwarming. His role in The Whale and his upcoming movie Killers of the Flower Moon has been highly regarded and even made fans demand that he gets an Oscar for his exceptional performance.

Brendan Fraser
Brendan Fraser

Fans, celebrities, and individuals everywhere appreciate the actor and his place in the Hollywood industry. This appreciation spread so much that he even won the Most Emotional Comeback of 2022 Award. An award that he deserves very much so. This only made the audience happier as they want to see more of the actor.

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Brendan Fraser Gets An Award For The Most Emotional Comeback

The Hollywood Reporter has finally released its list of yearly awards that various celebrities and projects receive, both comically and seriously. This yearbook includes a range of awards that would include a recap of everything major that happened throughout the year. This year’s edition included Brendan Fraser who returned to mainstream cinema after years of struggle. His role in The Whale left him in tears after every screening that he attended. Not only was this a huge milestone for him, but it was also beautiful for the actors and who worked with him on the project and in the past.

brendan fraser needed 5 ice bags daily to cool him in the whale suit 001

The award made fans want to see more of the actor as it is no doubt that his talent lies in his acting. The excitement amongst the fans has made them cheer for him even more and they all wish to someday see him return as Rick O’Connell in the The Mummy series. Being one of his most acclaimed roles, the actor has been seen throughout the industry playing roles both dark and light, however, none compare to the fame he received for The Mummy. 

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Fans Demand Brendan Fraser Returns To The Mummy Franchise

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Brendan Fraser in The Mummy Returns

Upon hearing the news, fans have been ecstatic to see the actor in his full form and back with a bash. They wish to see more of him, especially if there is a possibility for the actor to return to The Mummy franchise. They want to see the actor explore the unknown once again in his adventurous persona.

This is an ongoing demand of the fans as they have been eager to so what more the actor has to offer, considering that Killers of the Flower Moon received just as much praise towards the actor as for his role in The Whale. 

Killers of the Flower Moon will be available to watch in theatres from May 2023.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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