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Google Stadia to Come November 19th: Everything We Know

Google Stadia

At last, we know the exact launch date of the allegedly revolutionary video gaming platform, Google Stadia. Experts and gamers believe that it’s going to become one of the most important milestones in the gaming industry, or a resounding collapse. While questions about its timeliness, utility, and viability are yet impossible to answer, here are all the facts about Stadia researched by the team.

How it Works

In plain words, Google Stadia is a cloud gaming (or game streaming) platform that’s based on powerful servers. They’re capable of receiving input from your controller and react fast enough to provide a smooth gaming process without notable delays. You only have to connect a controller to a compatible device and enjoy playing AAA-scale titles anywhere you go.

Supported Devices

Stadia promises to be a universal gaming solution, so the roster of compatible devices must be comprehensive. You need any PC that can stream HD/Full HD video with the latest Google Chrome browser installed, a TV with a Chromecast Ultra, one of Google Pixel smartphones (excluding the 1st model), or a Chromebook.

While Chromebooks and Pixels are rather niche products, everyone has access to a PC or a TV. Stadia’s PM Andrey Doronichev promises that later versions will be supported by the majority of Android devices and any other gadgets that can deal with online streaming well enough.

Confirmed Games

Games are the most important criterion for picking up the right gaming platform, and Stadia’s offer is impressive. Amongst 40 launch titles are Cyberpunk 2077, Metro Exodus, Red Dead Redemption 2, Borderlands 3, MK 11, and a pile of excellent games by Ubisoft, Bethesda, Square Enix, and others. Moreover, Doronichev revealed that the company works on a line of proprietary franchises that will be exclusive for Stadia.

Is it Cheaper?

To play games on Staida, you’re not supposed to have a console or an expensive powerful PC. The price of the subscription alone will be $10 per month, and the Stadia controller for $69 is also necessary. Without deep research, it’s clear that consoles and computers are much costlier. Even if you purchase the limited Founders Edition for $120, it remains cheaper than a $280 PS4 Slim.

As for games, Google’s director of games, Jack Buser, confirmed that Stadia would sell games for the same price as Steam, Epic Store, PS Store, Xbox Live, GOG, and others. At, we calculated that in a long-term perspective, Stadia has prospects to generate even more money than PS4, Xbox One, and Switch altogether. If you multiply the price of the subscription on 12, you get $120. It means that users will pay Google the price of an average console is around 2 years, and that’s an attractive scenario for both sides. The difference between hardware consoles and Stadia is that you pay for a box only once, while Stadia requires regular payments and may take much more cash from you in several years. On the other hand, you don’t have to pay when you aren’t using it for a long time, which is impossible with hardware.

The Verdict in Advance

With such an impressive list of games, low entrance price, and a wide range of compatible devices, Stadia has all chances to fit in the market. Though, it’s not likely to kill Sony and Nintendo due to their immense fandoms and a wide range of exclusive offers. The launch is soon and is tweaking.

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