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Gossip Girl Gets Canceled at HBO Max After Two Seasons: “I hope you’ll tune into the finale next week”

Gossip Girl Gets Canceled at HBO Max After Two Seasons: “I hope you’ll tune into the finale next week”

Gossip Girl first aired on HBO Max proving for its pilot to be a massive success and giving the green light to every other episode airing with a lot of hope. However, the ratings went downhill afterward as the series received a lot of negative reviews. Fans were not happy seeing the direction that the show was going into and it ended up receiving a lot of criticism.

Gossip Girl
A still from the Gossip Girl reboot

The reboot was faced with the task of living up to its parent series’s success, but it just could not. The original Gossip Girl was a childhood classic for many fans and seeing a reboot of that had brightened up expectations that the show, unfortunately, could not live up to. Following the ratings, the show has officially been canceled after season 2.

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Gossip Girl Gets Canceled After Two Seasons

Gossip Girl first premiered on HBO Max in 2021 and had the biggest opening for the streaming service at that time. This record has since then been obliterated by House of the Dragon and The Last of Us. Since the release, the show has been getting declining ratings and the viewership too has been shifting away. Although its second season’s finale is about to air, showrunner Joshua Safran has confirmed that it will the considered as the series finale as well.

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The main cast of the Gossip Girl reboot

“It is with the heaviest of hearts that I have to announce Gossip Girl will not be continuing on HBO Max. Thank you for watching, and I hope you’ll tune into the finale next Thursday to see how it all comes together. xoxo.”

He stated that the upcoming finale will mark the end of the series and HBO Max will no longer go forward with it. The second season had been greenlit even before the first season’s second part was released and upon seeing how the reboot was far from what fans of the original series had expected, it saw massive decline in ratings.

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Joshua Safran Hints The Return Of Gossip Girl And Thanks The Audience

Both HBO Max and Joshua Safran expressed how grateful they were to the viewers and how Gossip Girl had been made with just as much love as its parent series had been. Although the second season did end up doing better than the first, it was highly unlikely for the show to continue.

gossip girl reboot
A still from the show

“We are very grateful to showrunner/executive producer Joshua Safran, and executive producers Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz for bringing us back to the Upper East Side and all the scandals at Constance Billard. Although we are not moving forward with a third season of Gossip Girl, we thank them for the enticing love triangles, calculated backstabbing, and impeccable fashion this series brought to a new audience.”

HBO Max’s statement thanked everyone involved in the making of the series. Safran further hinted that the fans were the reason the show was made and Gossip Girl came back so there could always be a possibility of that happening again.

The final episode of Gossip Girl will air on 26th January 2023, on HBO Max.

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Source: Deadline

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