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Gotham Knights Game Revealed

Batman: Gotham Knights. The New Batman Game Revealed!

Since the conclusion of the Batman Arkham series with the concluding chapter, Arkham Knight. We have been left wondering if we would ever see another Batman game as good as those ones. Batman: Arkham Origins developers WB Montreal have an answer for you with the announcement of their new game Gotham Knights. And instead of being another game from the Arkham series, it seems to be taking a stand alone approach from the other games.

Gotham Knights

Revealed in the trailer at DC Fandom is a story centered around the BatFamily. Batman is gone and leaving Gotham in the hands Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl and Red Hood. As you take control of these four heroes, you become the protectors of Gotham and fight your way through the wide array of Batmans Rouges Gallery. Presenting Mr. Freeze as one of the villains you take on, it appears the main protagonist of the game will be the Court of Owls. Furthermore, you will also be assisted throughout the game by Alfred who is referred to as Belfry.

The gameplay seems fairly similar to what WB Montreal did with Arkham Origins, with the same style of combat and maneuvering from place to place, but still remains to be original with a new design of the hub and change in combat data. The gameplay also revealed the use of the various vehicles used by these heroes, including Batgirls cycle displayed in the gameplay trailer. The game will also feature two player campaign, although it wasn’t announced if it would be restricted only to online gameplay or possibly used in a split screen mode. Lastly the developers explained that you won’t only get to play as Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl and Red Hood but you will also be able to customize and alter the way your character looks and feels, turning them into the hero you imagine.





The game is scheduled to be released next year, with no exact date announced yet. With that announcement though, it is safe to assume the game will be available for the next gen consoles set to release this holiday season, nothing has been said if they would be available for PS4 or Xbox One. However, we anticipate WB Montreals new Batman game and can’t wait for more details ahead.

Written by David Moya

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