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5 Reasons Why Gotham Knights is Better (& 5 Why Marvel’s Avengers Wins)

While one is set for release on the 4th of September while the other is slated to be released next year, we could not fail but notice the many similarities the two games possess. Both will allow you to play as multiple characters. Both are of the action-adventure genre. Both let you partake as superheroes. Regardless of the release date, which game is better – Gotham Knights or Marvel’s Avengers!!

Gotham Knights: Better Sound Design

gotham knights better sound design

Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham games had a lot of good things going on. One of the most crucial aspects where the Arkham Verse were found to be vastly superior were its terrific sound design. The tone and the tune of the Arkham Verse is such a trademark that it pushed the Arkham Verse games into the frontiers of the gaming industry. WB Montreal will be taking multiple cues from Rocksteady’s Arkham Verse ventures. Considering Rocksteady is already making Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, they will be more than happy to share their secrets to another DC project if they ask nicely. Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are devoid of that advantage.

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Marvel’s Avengers: Established Premise

gotham knights vs marvel's avengers premise

We will be frank here. If Gotham Knights was pitted against any other game other than Marvel’s Avengers, they would have won fair and square. But one of the most pivotal cash cows for Marvel’s Avengers will be the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel Studios created the MCU over a span of 10 years and brought it to where it is today. There is literally no need for the developers of Marvel’s Avengers for marketing the game. Marvel has been doing that since a decade!! The Arkham Verse is famous but it is not known to many casual movie-goers. The Marvel game will attract even non-gaming enthusiasts to try it out.

Gotham Knights: The Arkham Verse


One of the biggest advantages of the Gotham Knights game will be it will take many inspirations from the Arkham Verse. While we know the game is set outside the Arkham Verse, it would be foolish of us to assume if the success of Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham games had nothing to do with Gotham Knights. The reason DC and WB Montreal joined forces to make a game set within the city of Gotham was because they know it will sell. Like Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics know Marvel’s Avengers will attract a lot of buyers post launch due to the popularity of the MCU, WB Montreal knows the Arkham Verse would attract a lot of die-hard gaming enthusiasts and avid Arkham Verse lovers.

Marvel’s Avengers: More Heroes

gotham knights vs marvel's avengers more heroes

Our pals at YouTube were generous enough to scour through hordes of the game’s data and release a list of superheroes that will be making an appearance in Marvel’s Avengers. The major Marvel Cinematic Universe like Captain America, Black Widow, the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Hawkeye are in the game. Falcon, the Winter Soldier, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, the Wasp, Ant-Man, War Machine, and Vision will also be making an appearance. The game even includes Non-MCU characters like Ms Marvel, Quake, Mockingbird, She-Hulk, Kate Bishop, Mar-Vell – all of them are playable characters. Doctor Strange and Black Panther are also rumored to be a part of Marvel’s Avengers.

Gotham Knights: Combination Play

gotham knights co-op play

WB Montreal has gone on record to claim that there will be extreme emphasis on co-operative play. Co-Op play is also available in Marvel’s Avengers. But here’s the difference. We have reason to believe Gotham Knights does it better. Enemy Encounters will entail using multiple different strategies at once to neutralize the threats. This implies that the four heroes you could play as would have to combine their moves and play-styles to come up with innovative new strategies to push back the foes. There is even a rumor that the game will have creative Mortal Kombat like finishing moves depending on which hero you play as. That is a lot of flair for one game. Marvel’s Avengers has nothing of that sort to boast of.

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Marvel’s Avengers: Echo Fighter System

gotham knights vs marvel's avengers echo fighter system

Marvel’s Avengers allows only one hero each per team for co-op play. But what sets it apart will be a form of echo fighter system seen in games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Marvel’s Avengers will have an echo style play, with heroes being able to tap out and get replaced with a substitute. Iron Man can trap out and send in War Machine to fight for him. She-Hulk could come in the place of Hulk. If there are indeed more playable characters, then there could be millions of echo style tap out substitute patterns. Who knows maybe we will be able to choose the substitutes in team based play as well.

Gotham Knights: Multiple Players Can Play as Same Characters

gotham knights multiple characters handling

This is where Gotham Knights scores the highest. In Marvel’s Avengers, a hero can be used only once. If you like Hawkeye and another person also wants to play as Hawkeye, one of you would have to settle for another hero. In Gotham Knights, that is an exclusive provision. The game only allows for only two player modes and does not have the capacity to handle four player modes since the PS5 has hardware limitations. But both the players can play as the same character. Both can be Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood or Batgirl according to their choices. The game places no restrictions in that category as far as player choices are concerned.

Marvel’s Avengers: The Wakanda Raid

gotham knights vs marvel's avengers black panther wakanda

The sad demise of Chadwick Boseman aka Black Panther of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought in a rush of uncalled for emotions. Gaming enthusiasts and causal fans would be happy to know that the beta version of the game’s code reveals a Wakanda Raid side mission. Wakanda will be a new region in the game. There will be a lot to explore within the tiny super-advanced African Nation within the Marvel’s Avengers universe. A specific file mined out of the game code reveals the term “Klaw Raid”. We believe that it will be set in Wakanda since Klaw is a huge Black Panther villain. There are even rumors that Crystal Dynamics intends to launch a Black Panther game. They are probably waiting to see the response to the Wakanda Raid mission.

Gotham Knights: Eyebrow Raising Mystery

gotham knights suspnse is batman really dead

Gotham Knights takes place in a rather unfortunate time for Gotham City. A mysterious explosion that looks and sounds eerily similar to the final explosion at the end of Batman Arkham: Knight rocks the Bat Family. The Batman is dead. It is up to the four members of the Bat Family – Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood, and Nightwing to continue Batman’s war against crime. The Batman’s absence will form the crux of the game’s plot. One thing Gotham Knights will surely have is a solid story arc. The Batman games of present times have a heavy emphasis on an epic story arc. The mystery behind Batman’s death will keep the gamers on the edges of their seats.

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Marvel’s Avengers: World Building

gotham knights vs marvel's avengers world building

For all that Gotham Knights would offer, it will be limited to Gotham’s Jurisdiction. Marvel’s Avengers will not exactly be an open world game but its various missions will take the players well beyond the confines of a single city. There will be not just multiple characters associated to different Marvel superheroes (unlike Gotham Knights – which will have all its characters connected to the Dark Knight), it will also have a larger setting and actually take you across the world. Gotham Knights does not possess that advantage.