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‘Grammys what are you doing in the floor?’: Fans Troll Award Show After The Weeknd Outguns The Grammys Viewership With Gargantuan 40 Million Streams

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The Weeknd has cemented his name among the most influential artists in the modern generation through several classics over the years. Even though the singer is one of the biggest names in the music industry at the present, the artist has previously shared his disdain with the Grammys.

Although the artist doesn’t seem to care about The Grammys anymore, the Binding lights artist did outperform the prestigious award ceremony. And now fans of The Weeknd are not shying away from trolling the award ceremony after their favorite singer surpassed their viewership last Sunday night.

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The Weeknd on Avatar: The Way of Water premiere
The Weeknd on Avatar: The Way of Water premiere

The Weeknd doesn’t care about the Grammys

Even though The Weeknd has garnered several Grammy wins over the years, the Blinding Lights artist doesn’t seem to be fond of the award ceremony. The Weeknd previously called out the award show after his album After Hours and hit single Blinding Lights were snubbed from nominations.

Many big celebrities, including Drake and Halsey, jumped into The Weeknd’s defense after the injustice. The Recording Academy’s interim chief executive responded to the artist’s complaints and apologized for upsetting anyone and stressed that they are still evolving to improve their award process. However, the Binding Lights artist doesn’t seem to care about the Award show anymore, as he stated that his previous wins don’t mean anything. He stated,

“I have three Grammys, which means nothing to me now. It’s not like, ‘Oh, I want the Grammy!’ It’s just that this happened, and I’m down to get in front of the fire, as long as it never happens again,”

Although it seems that the singer has moved forward from his Grammy snub and doesn’t seem to care about award ceremonies anymore, the singer did outperform the Grammys’ viewership last Sunday night. Now fans have been blasting the award ceremony after The Weeknd surpassed it.

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The Weeknd outperforms the Grammys
The Weeknd outperforms the Grammys

The Weeknd outperformed the Grammys

Last Sunday, The Weeknd was able to outperform the Grammys by a huge margin through his songs. Even though the Grammys witnessed a 30% increase in their viewership with a total of 12.4 million, in comparison with last year, the Starboy singer was able to surpass the show by garnering more than 40 million streams.

As a result, fans have blasted the award ceremony after their favorite artist outperformed them by a colossal margin. Fans haven’t shied away to take strikes against the award show by trolling them, as they previously snubbed the artist’s deserved nomination.

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The Weeknd
The Weeknd

Even though fans have been thrusting the award show down through an enormous amount of trolling, The Weeknd doesn’t seem to care anymore about the Grammys. The artist has clarified that he doesn’t care about award ceremonies anymore and is just focused on creating great music.

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