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“Great things happen when there are constraints”: Ryan Reynolds Claims Huge Money Kills Creativity, Believes Deadpool Was a Blockbuster For its Small Budget

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Marvel movies are known for their notorious budgets with movies like Avengers: Age of Ultron having an insane budget of over $400 million. Having said that, it comes as quite a surprise when Deadpool actor, Ryan Reynolds seems to hold a contrary belief.

Deadpool Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds made his debut as the extremely popular Deadpool with a movie made just under a $60 million budget, increasing it to $110 million for Deadpool 2. However, with the franchise being shifted to Marvel Studios, a humble budget might be a thing of the past.

Ryan Reynolds on Deadpool 3’s Budget

While in conversation with Forbes Entertainment’s Scott King about the upcoming addition to the Deadpool series, Ryan Reynolds told King to take that question straight to Kevin Feige, giving an impression that the actor himself is in the dark regarding the movie’s budget.

Ryan Reynolds, however, shared his thoughts saying “too much time, and money” might reduce the creative aspect of the film as he believes that “great things happen when there are constraints.” He also joked that the first Deadpool movie was made on a budget of “spit and about 58 cents.”

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Wrexham and Deadpool

ryan reynolds' soccer club, Wrexham's logo
Ryan Reynold’s soccer club Wrexham

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Ryan Reynolds compared the making of Deadpool with running Wrexham, his soccer club, in a national league. He stated:


When you’re operating, at least when you’re trying to create an operation in the national league with a club like Wrexham, you have to look at it in a sustainable way. You’re not looking to put your finger on a scale that’s just obscene in some way, but you are looking to build out a team that you can actually maintain and sustain for a long period, you’re trying to sort of create a model there. You know that’s not too dissimilar to how,, we looked at Deadpool.”

Ryan Reynolds further explained his team’s approach toward the success of the franchise by turning barriers into “lemonade”:

Every barrier we were up against, every moment the studio took away money that we needed for our budget, we found ways to turn that into lemonade, and that’s how we’ve been approaching this project certainly.”

With Deadpool and Deadpool 2 being absolute hits at the box office, earning over $782 million and $785 million respectively, it’s safe to say that Ryan Reynold and the team’s outlook is one to be trusted.

Will Deadpool 3 Have a Massive Budget? 

deadpool 3
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman

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Given the MCU’s reputation and the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine for the third installment, Deadpool 3 may have a greater budget than the previous two. However, with Ryan Reynold’s uncertainty, it might be too soon to talk about the movie’s budget.

Deadpool 3 is all set to release in theatres on 6 September 2024.

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