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Greatest Batman Voice Actors That Aren’t Kevin Conroy.

Greatest Batman Voice Actors That Arent Kevin Conroy.

Well, we can’t separate Kevin Conroy and Batman, and that’s no exaggeration. The best and the most extended voice of our favorite hero is undoubtedly of Kevin Conroy. But it wasn’t always Kevin Conroy who has been the voice of the Batman. There were many others too. However, there is no comparison of others to the best Kevin Conroy. But they did justice to the character, too, and made their mark on our audience’s hearts. However, their performances may stand nothing to Kevin Conroy, but it isn’t right to overshadow one’s effort, and thus every good performance needs to be appreciated. Plus, no matter how minuscule their performance was but it really made a lasting impression on the audience’s hearts.

Bruce Greenwood in Under The Red Hood and Young Justice

Bruce Greenwood really did justice to the incredible character in Under The Red Hood. Torn apart by rage and regret, the voice was what helped us look into the core of the character. The monologue in the climax touched people’s hearts as it was a mix of guilt and pain along with the righteousness our hero showed. The lines “If I do that, I allow myself to go to a place… I’ll never come back” are imprinted in our hearts. No one can ever forget what our hero went through to make that decision.

Batman: Under the Red Hood
Bruce Greenwood

Diedrich Bader in The Brave & The Bold and Harley Quinn

Contrary to the previous Batman movies, The Brave & the Bold saw Batman in a lighthearted zone, and Bader’s did full justice to the character. The series saw Batman teaming up with heroes around the world. A completely different side of our hero, so instead of a grave and intense voice, a lighthearted one was the need of the hour, and Bader knew it perfectly. Not only this, he was the voice of Batman in Harley Quinn, too, and the audience loved it.

Harley Quinn
Batman is not always serious.

Peter Weller in The Dark Knight Returns

Since The Dark Knight Returns saw the brutal and the tougher side of the Batman, Peter Weller’s voice did complete justice to the role. The series revolves around how the older and the intense Batman returns to mend the damages done to Gotham. Therefore, Peter Weller’s voice was the one needed to fully convey the hero’s emotions. Peter’s voice set just entirely right with Miller’s iconic lines backing it up, swaying the audience’s hearts.

The Dark Knight Returns
The Brutal Batman is back

Will Arnett in the Lego Batman Movie

Well, Batman is a severe character, and his tone is most grave. No doubt people take him seriously. But Will Arnett’s voice clearly conveys the opposite in The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman. Will Arnett’s voice lightens up the gravity of the character and comes off as a mix of comedy and heroism. Heroism is what Batman is known for, and the sincerity in Will Barnett’s voice does justice to that. However, as a comedy actor, it did add a little twist to the prevailing norms of the character, but no matter, it did suit our hero.

The LEGO Movie: Will Arnett

Troy Baker in Telltale’s Batman and Lego’s Shorts

Well, if there is a synonym for versatility, it better be Troy Baker. Voice gives depth to the character. Without the correct mix of emotions in the voice, a movie is nothing, and Troy Baker knows how to do that. Surprisingly, he is the artist to voice both the Batman and the Joker. He debuted as Batman in DC Super Heroes Unite based on Lego DC Line.

Troy Baker's Batman
Troy Baker


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