Greatest Cult Classic Animated Shows Of The 90’s


Some TV series infiltrate a viewer’s brain and never leave, and no decade embodies this more than ’90s television shows. Unsurprisingly, the decade produced a plethora of cult classics.

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Fans delighted, however, when Disney purchased the rights to Marvel and a slew of other old titles, resulting in an “open season” on previously untouchable cult classic series that had been presumably locked away in “vaults” never to be seen or heard from again. People have rediscovered these series, which are considered timeless even in today’s light, thanks to the digital era.




The plot of Batman: The Animated Series was not overly intricate since, in this situation, less is more. Instead, the authors chose to reimagine Batman by creating imaginative stories about Gotham City. What made the program so popular was the authors’ proclivity to tackle dark subjects that still haunt society today.


This made the notion of Batman as the Dark Knight simpler to grasp for viewers – the Dark Knight may have been the spotlight, but his adversaries are just as significant in this series. Familiar villains like The Joker, Clayface, The Riddler, Two-Face, and The Penguin make regular appearances but never overstay their welcome.


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Peter Parker isn’t a novel concept, but the 1994 Spider-Man animated series was a flawless masterpiece that delves into Spider-Man like no other adaption before it. Parker is the protagonist, and, as with any great superhero program, the villains are crucial to Spider-success. Man’s Wilson Fisk is the series’ intended major enemy, and he’s still the most believable Fisk fans have seen outside of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Netflix depiction of him.

Fans remember Venom better than Carnage, especially in episodes when Spider-Man faces the “symbiote” that inhabits Eddy Brock (Venom). What made the series so intriguing was that they were effectively the first to introduce the “Spider-Verse.”



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The X-Men have been a Marvel mainstay for decades, but the 1992 animated series is undoubtedly Marvel’s greatest effort to date. Fans of comic books will enjoy that this program never deviates too much from the plot arcs of the comic books. Aside from the X-Men, each character has their own creature that compliments each other amazingly well.


Beavis And Butthead

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Beavis and Butthead were badly sketched and clearly a half-baked invention, yet they quickly became cult classics. The prevalence of Beavis and Butthead memes on the internet today demonstrates that the legend of Beavis and Butthead lives on.


Modern series like Adventure Time expands on the simple Beavis and Butt premise by adding additional conversation with the same target demographic from the ’90s, demonstrating the effect that it still has on pop culture. The series has a lot of charm and is still worth watching now.




Batman Beyond is a prequel to Batman: The Animated Series that takes place in the far future. The episode begins with an old Bruce Wayne (replayed by Kevin Conroy); as the show progresses, spectators witness the unimaginable as the original Batman resorts to using a pistol on an ordinary criminal.

Knowing that he would have to wield the same weapon that killed his parents made it evident that he would have to flee as Batman. As a result, Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond enters the fray. McGennis wasn’t the best pick for Bruce’s apprentice because he stole the Bat-suit for his own purposes. However, it becomes evident through time that becoming Batman was his birthright.


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