10 Greatest Psychological Thriller Anime That Will Mess With Your Mind

Anime started gaining recognition worldwide in the last few years. Here are 10 Greatest Psychological Thriller Anime That Will Mess With Your Mind.

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It is an intense and suspenseful anime that will surprise you on every stage. The characters’ nature is just like humans. It revolves around neurosurgeon Dr.Kenzo Tenma, who works in a hospital in Germany. The storyline starts when Dr.Kenzo was asked to treat the mayor instead of the young boy by his seniors. He went against him and treated the boy instead. 

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Terror In Resonance

This show has an intense plot but started off a bit slow. The viewers assume their conclusion but the suspense leaves everyone amazed. The plot revolves around a terrorist attack by two teenage boys named Nine and Twelve.

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Death Note

The story of this show revolves around a mysterious notebook: the Death Note, which belongs to Shinigami Ryuk. the book grants the user the ability to kill anyone by writing their name on the notebook.

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The show is considered the scariest anime of all time. The story focus on a boy whose name is Koichi Sakakibara. Koichi met The curious Mei Misaki and find himself in a mystery revolving around students. 

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Alice in Borderland 

Alice in Borderland is based on a survival theme and you can’t expect what will happen next. It will get you excited in every scene to see what’s next. Arisu, KArube, and Chōta are high school trio and are bored with their lives. They asked for a wish during firework to get transported into another world and their wish came true. 

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Paranoia Agent

The story revolves around a mysterious boy who attacks people with his baseball bat. Two police agents takes the case to stop the boy and started chasing the boy after they got some clue.

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The Future Diary

Future Diary is a manga series, written by Sakae Esuno. The show is about a  deadly battle royal which includes twelve people who are given diaries. Diaries given to them are not a usual diary, it can predict the future.

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Parasyte: The Maxim

It’s a Japanese science fiction horror manga series. The show centers on a seventeen-year-old male teenager named Shinichi Izumi. One night the worm-like Alien enters Shinichi’s mind by burrowing into his arms. That’s where the story starts from.

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In this show, Satoru Fujinuma, a young man possesses the ability to go back in time and prevent anything that is life-threatening to happen and tries to save his mother from getting murdered by going eighteen years back in time.

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The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland follows a group of orphaned kids who are planning to escape from their orphanage after they come to know the dark truth behind the existence of the orphanage.

Written by Ramya Khera