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Greatest TV Anthologies, Ranked By IMDb Ratings

Greatest TV Anthologies Ranked By IMDb Ratings

Anthology shows go a long way back in time. They have been here since we had television. TV anthologies follow a specific pattern, and the series could either be a film series or a TV show. They present new stories with every episode, featuring a new set of characters altogether. A charismatic host usually introduces the show’s premise, and the story is narrated by either the filmmaker or the author. Some of these TV anthologies were of such superior quality that they remain the best in the genre. Let’s revisit the greatest TV anthologies and rank them according to IMDb ratings.

1. The Twilight Zone (IMDb- 9/10): The show, created by Rod Sterling, was nothing like the audience had ever seen during the time. However, he added a twist to the show, which paved the way for years to come. He presented the most bizarre and best quality stories that hit all the genres, sci-fi, comedy, horror, and fantasy. It lasted for five years with a total of 156 episodes.

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2. Black Mirror (IMDb- 8.8/10): Charlie Brooker surprised all of us with a sci-fi anthology show, Black Mirror. The show stars amazing actors like Anthony Mackie, Miley Cyrus, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jon Hamm, and many more. The plot is quite interesting, which shows the negative impact of the “cutting-edge” technology on peoples’ behavior and livelihood.

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3. Love, Death & Robots (IMDb- 8.5/10): The show is a memorable viewing experience with mind-blowing animation. The animated series, created by Tim Miller, has tales from almost every genre and are only 5 to 15 minutes long. The stories are pretty intense and will surely leave the viewers in awe.

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4. Alfred Hitchcock Presents (IMDb- 8.5/10): One of the oldest and the most impressive TV anthologies in Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Alfred Hitchcock hosted the show and became quite famous for hosting it. The stories had intense drama, and the usual tropes presented with a twist. The show turned out to be groundbreaking in the genre.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (TV Series 1955–1962) - IMDb

5. Tales From The Crypt (IMDb- 8/10): The show was the most horrifying among all the horror shows then. It brought a unique concept of hosting the show by making a ghoul, Cryptkeeper, narrate the story. The show was definitely not family entertainment as it was gore and profane.

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6. Night Gallery (IMDb- 7.9/10): The Twilight Zone was canceled on CBC, and four years after its cancellation, Rod Sterling created a similar show for NBC. He also hosted and wrote a few scripts for the show. The show was a follow-up to the earlier show, except it focused more on supernatural things.

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7. The Twilight Zone (1985) (IMDb- 7.8/10): This show was a remake of the original show, following a successful movie of the same name. The show had gripping stories and a good cast, which brought it quite closer to its original show. The audience loved the remakes of a few episodes and also the new ones.

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8. The Outer Limits 1963 (IMDb- 7.7/10): The show is among the popular and loved anthology shows with memorable catchphrases. The show is most often compared to The Twilight Zone, which was released prior. However, the show is darker and more horrifying and features bizarre aliens and monsters. 

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9 The Outer Limits 1995 (IMDb- 7.7/10): The series has a list of some of the most exciting casts, including Josh Brolin, Kirsten Dunst, Ryan Reynolds, and Joseph Gordon Levitt. The show had thought-provoking, mind-bending stories that had a long-lasting after-effect and a message too. It lasted for seven seasons and was a weekly anthology.

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10. Masters of Horror (IMDb- 7.5/10): The show received its due credit after releasing two of its seasons in 2005 and 2006. Meanwhile, fans were craving for a good anthology series, and Masters of Horror delivered. 

Masters of Horror Trailer (2005) - YouTube

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