10 Of The Greatest Weapons Of Marvel

Powerful Marvel Weapons
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The Marvel Universe is a place full of phenomenal weapons, some of which are wielded by Gods themselves.


Other threats are swing by powerful sorcerers that can destroy the whole Universe.

Among these weapons are some used for humanity, while others are powerful enough for terminal destruction.


But if somehow these weapons come in the wrong hands, then the whole Universe will be at stake.

So today, in an attempt for the fans to know about some of the greatest weapons of the Marvel universe, Fandom Wire has compiled 10 of the greatest threats from the entire marvel universe.

Sounds thrilling let’s pop into it!


#10 Hercules’ Adamantine Mace:

Hercules’ Adamantine Mace is the same as Thor’s Mjolnir, which is being forged by Hephaestus, the Black Smith God of Weapons from Olympus.

This mace has the same robustness level as that of Thor’s Mjolnir.

However, this weapon doesn’t consist of any special powers. Still, it is extremely tough and robust, can impose a lot of damage to the enemy if used in a fight.


This Marvel weapon is made to withstand Hercules’ exceptional strength.

#9 Jarnbjorn:

Thor wielded it in Norse Mythology. This Axe was the first weapon back in the day that Thor used before Odin gave him Mjolnir.


This Axe was also made out of the Uru dust and had Thor’s Blood on it, making it the most reliable weapon that could even kill a celestial being.

Jarnjorn is famous for its sharpness in the entire comic Universe and can come back to its owner when thrown at someone.

Thor with Jarnbjorn weapon


#8 Mjolnir:

Every Marvel fan knows about Mjolnir, a weapon used by the God Of Thunder.

Made by the Dwarf Smiths of Asgard and mold out of pure Uru from the heart of a dying star. This weapon has magical sorcery making it a strong arm.

Mjolnir is powerful enough to cut a planet into two pieces. It has a portion of Odin Force within leading it to contain the full power of Universe’s first and the most excellent storm that is channeled by Thor.


And Whoever holds this weapon, if worthy enough, can possess the power of Thor.

Thor's Hammer, one of the greatest weapon in Marvel

#7 Odin Sword:

Mjolnir might be a more reliable weapon, but it is very far from being the most potent weapon in Asgard.


This honor is only given to the weapon wiled by Odin the All-Father’s signature weapon known as Odin’s Sword.

It is a weapon so powerful, and it could put the entire cosmos at risk.

This weapon is sturdy enough that once Odin fought with it to defeat the celestial beings single-handedly.


Odin has once given his sword to Thor for Thor to compete with the God of Fear of Asgard.

Odin with his Sword

#6 Crimson Gem of Cyttorak:

A group of Eight Gods who lived before the beginning of the Universe called themselves The Octessence.


Once the Gods argued to see who is the strongest of them all, so they put on a bet among themselves.

The bet was that each God would pore a bit of their power into an element that would be sent to earth, and who so ever gets it becomes the Avatars of these Gods.

So one of the God among them was Cyttorak, who created the Crimson Gem, which was gained by Cain Marko, and thus he became Juggernaut.


#5 The Eye of Agamotto:

Oshtur, one of the original gods of magic, once visited earth.

There she saw a blind child who could not see this beautiful world from his own eyes.


Making Oshtur feel very sad, and thus with the help of Vishanti and her son Hoggoth, created the Eye of Agamotto.

This tine pendant can see as well as control time and ancient magic.

Doctor Strange is the one who knows the full potential of this neckless and uses it to defeat super-villains like Dormammu and Nightmare:


#4 All-Black the Necro Sword:

Owned by a demon called Gorr, the All-Black Necro Sword is a weapon created by the Knull, aka the God Of Symbiotes and Master of Void that existed even before the creation of the Universe.

Gorr once came face to face with two Gods on a desert and had a massive fight, in which one God is killed, and his sword connects with Gorr, who then killed the other God with the same weapon.


They were the sword some mysterious powers and could kill anyone regardless of whether they were mortal or immortal. This weapon was once used by Odin himself to kill Galactus.

#3 The Destroyer Armour:

The Destroyer was created By Three Strongest Gods on Earth, namely Zeus, Odin, and Vishnu.


They combined their powers to create a weapon made from the same Uru alloy from which Thor’s Mjolnir is was made.

This powerful weapon could take any threat that the Universe faces.

This Marvel weapon has the power to summon implausible energy blasts and can even out-class any God Of Asgard.


#2 The Darkhold:

The Darkhold isn’t a weapon but rather a handbook that contains all the knowledge and power of the Elder God Chthon.

He is a demonic entity from an alternate dimension. Chthon, the master of Dark Occult Magical Arts, wrote a book filled with his magic and what he had learned before leaving to the other size.


This book is called Darkhold—giving it immense power and knowledge to its reader with the ability to do any Dark Magic.

#1 Heart of the Universe:

The Heart of The Universe was created by the most powerful entity of the Marvel universe to correct a foundational flaw that exited with the creation.


This weapon has the power of the Fulcrum & One Above All. It has also been used by Thanos, who, after rectifying the flaw, recreated the Universe on his own will.

Heart of the Universe isn’t a weapon at all but eventually became one when the Celestial beings credible the creation of the world.



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