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Green Arrow May Be Coming To The DCEU!

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The CW’s Arrow launched back in 2012 and immediately became one of the most talked about shows. Before the launch of the show, Green Arrow as a character wasn’t exactly popular. However, with his increase in popularity, Green Arrow may now become a character within the DCEU.

We Got This Covered is reporting a rumor that Warner Bros. may have plans for Green Arrow. While the show is coming to an end, WB looks to introduce Oliver Queen in the rumoured Black Canary film. Furthermore, the source also revealed that WB is looking to recast the character with a big name actor. WB would most likely do this to avoid connecting the DCEU to the Arrowverse, as was the case with The Flash.

Of course, it’s important to note these are just rumors for now, with nothing confirmed yet. Though, it’s no surprise for WB to want to experiment on the character within the DCEU. Joining him in a movie with Black Canary allows WB to see how people react before giving him a standalone. This also fits with WB’s recent agenda to focus on lesser known characters. Both Shazam and Aquaman are lesser known characters that were allowed to shine.

A Green Arrow/Black Canary movie would also be the perfect way to set-up the playful relationship between the two while also allowing for a more comic-accurate depiction of both characters as Arrow had “failed his city” in that department. Since season 2, fans have expressed their disappointment in the show failing to grasp the relationship of GA/BC. Perhaps bringing in our hooded hero into the DCEU, in addition to Black Canary, could help smooth things over with the fans.

As nothing is confirmed, only time will tell. What do you think of this idea? Would you like a Green Arrow/Black Canary movie in the DCEU? Let us know!

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