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Green Lantern Connection Teased For Arrow Series Finale

Diggle as Green Lantern
Art by Stark Edits

Since the birth of the Arrowverse on The CW in 2012 and the introduction of original character John Diggle to DC lore, it has been widely speculated and teased by fans and Arrow as a series respectively that the character is destined to become a variation of John Stewart aka Green Lantern.

Well, these theorists may soon be getting their wish according to Diggle actor David Ramsey as he states that Arrow’s series finalé Fadeout, which airs next week, will give an answer to the questions that have been asked over the past eight seasons.

John Diggle on Arrow
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John Diggle has been a clean slate for Arrow writers to do with as they wish and has even managed to stem into the mainstream comics universe following in the footsteps of Harley Quinn, Renee Montoya and Livewire from the 1990s DC Animated Universe.

Although many fans have speculated that the character is in fact a variation of John Stewart based on his name and appearance, actor David Ramsey has stated that the name John was inspired by Little John, sidekick to Robin Hood of whom Green Arrow is based on.

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The surname Diggle, meanwhile, is most likely a homage to Andy Diggle the author of Green Arrow: Year One. A name that would later be given to John’s on-screen brother.

However, over the eight seasons there have been hints and teases from show creators and concocted by fans themselves to suggest that either the mainstream John Diggle or another universe’s version of the character will be revealed as John Stewart or at least be a Green Lantern.

This theory was teased heavily during the 2018 annual crossover Elseworlds where the 90s Flash portrayed by returning actor John Wesley-Shipp mistook Diggle for the “John” of his Earth wondering where his ring was. A clear reference to John Stewart.

Now though, after Crisis on Infinite Earths, with a new multiverse and a new main Earth-Prime version of the character, it seems that actor David Ramsey is implying quite heavily that questions concerning John Diggle’s connection to the Green Lantern Corps will be addressed in the series finalé.

Green Lantern Corp
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We already know that the upcoming Green Lantern series on HBOMax will focus on not one but two Green Lanterns as well as the villainous Sinestro. While no confirmation has been made as to who these Lanterns will be, could David Ramsey still have a role in the DC TV Universe even after Arrow concludes?

Arrow’s season eight and series finalé Fadeout airs this coming Tuesday, 28 January at 9pm EST.

Do you think John Diggle will be revealed as a variation of John Stewart and become a Green Lantern in the new series?

Written by Jai Howlett

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