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Green Lantern Series: Black Adam Producer Fuels John Boyega as John Stewart Rumor

Green Lantern

There are rumors that DC Studios is developing a Green Lantern film, and John Boyega is one of the actors who should be considered for the part. Several fan casts have cast Pacific Rim Uprising star John Boyega in prominent superhero roles, including DC Comics’ John Stewart in the upcoming Green Lantern Corps.

John Boyega as Finn
John Boyega as Finn

If you asked someone four years ago who John Boyega was, they probably wouldn’t have known, and those who did presumably knew him best from Attack the Block. Now, Boyega is a household name in Hollywood thanks to his role as Finn in the sequel Star Wars trilogy, as well as appearances in films such as The Circle and Detroit.

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Fans want John Boyega as John Stewart in Green Lantern Series

Whenever we hear that a new popular comic book hero would be appearing in a film, fans instantly start thinking about who would be the finest actor to play the part. Even if there isn’t a particular plan to bring a character to the film, fans like to speculate about which heroes or villains, an actor would be a good fit for.

John Stewart
John Stewart

As fans began to offer various characters for John Boyega to play, the process of determining which DC figure he would like to play began. It all started with a fan on Twitter informing Boyega that he’d be ideal as Static Shock. The Force Awakens actor stated that the character of the teen hero should be played by someone younger, perhaps someone new.

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Another user proposed that the Pacific Rim star should portray the Jon Stewart Green Lantern, who is, for better or worse, one of the figures that is mentioned whenever any black actor is mentioned for a comic book role. However, this fan offered a particularly persuasive argument why Boyega would be a fantastic fit for that job.

Black Adam producer fuels the John Boyega casting rumors

When Twitter user @homeofdcu shared a post of John Boyega being a potential candidate to play John Stewart in Green Lantern, Black Adam producer, Beau Flynn, fuelled the rumors by liking his tweet.

Now, this may be just a random post Flynn appreciated and liked, or maybe, something’s up with the DC Studios executives and they’re possibly trying to cast John Boyega in the upcoming Green Lantern series.

John Stewart's Green Lantern
John Stewart’s Green Lantern

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We know that the hierarchy of power has changed in the DCEU with Walter Hamada stepping down from his position and James Gunn and Peter Safran appointed as the new chairpersons of DC Studios. We can expect John Boyega to finally be cast as John Stewart considering the new bright future that DCEU now holds up to.

Green Lantern will premiere exclusively on HBO Max at an unspecified date.

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