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Green Lantern: Trevante Rhodes Was Zack Snyder’s Choice For John Stewart (EXCLUSIVE)


Zack Snyder’s Justice League has been a major victory, but it has certainly come with a few sacrifices. For starters, Warner Bros. isn’t restoring the Snyderverse. But even before that, Snyder had to make a few compromises while completing his version of Justice League. He recently revealed that he had a John Stewart Green Lantern cameo in store for us. He even admitted to almost quitting the film because WB asked him to remove the scene. But ultimately, the director wanted fans to have what they had fought for. He made the compromise and added Martian Manhunter in the scene instead.

Zack Snyder’s John Stewart Green Lantern


Yalan Gur and Kilowog weren’t the only Lanterns that we were supposed to get. But Snyder didn’t reveal the actor who was set to show up as John Stewart. Inside sources have revealed to FandomWire that Zack Snyder’s John Stewart was Trevante Rhodes.

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Over the last few years, Rhodes has been playing significant supporting roles in films like The Predator, 12 Strong, and Bird Box. But his best performance was seen in the Oscar-Winning feature, Moonlight. Apparently, people did speculate him to be Justice League’s Green Lantern back in 2017. But, his reply to all that was “It’s all rumors, man, all rumors.” As it turns out, those rumors were true after all.

It’s safe to say that Rhodes would have been a great Green Lantern if Justice League 2, or Green Lantern Corps. would have happened. He has the looks and the acting chops for the part. And, a role this big would have done his career a world of good. But sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be.

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