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Green Lantern’s Villain Is Way Creepier Than Joker

If you think Joker is the creepiest and craziest villain in the DC Comics, think again, because Green Lantern’s foe is way, way more deranged than the famous Clown Prince of Crime.

Green Lantern DC Comics
DC Comics’ Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern

While Joker is known for his dark sense of humor and torture-loving habits that include upsetting the Bat-Family, Hector Hammond is on a different level. The former likes to watch his enemies burn while he enjoys the view, but Hammond prefers seeing his foes succeed for the strangest reasons.

Hammond is extremely obsessed with Hal Jordan. Indeed, he is consumed by the fact that Green Lantern has everything he wants. The same thing can be said with Joker. He has his own way of getting around things by specific yet wicked methods. He is obsessed with Batman, and this love for the Dark Knight has kept him around for years.

Green Lantern’s Villain Is Obsessed With Him

Green Lantern Hector Hammond
DC Comics Green Lantern #4

On the other hand, Hammond’s fixation on Hal Jordan is way beyond what Joker can do. In the comic issue Green Lantern #4 by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver, Hal is investigating a case of a super-advanced human. Hammond possesses the information about this matter, so Green Lantern paid him a visit in the prison. Of course, villains always do bargain. He wants to have Hal’s memories, so he can play them over in his head. Weird, huh?

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Hector Hammond Green Lantern

Out of desperation, Hal gave him access to his mind, and Hammond took advantage of it and tried to steal all of Hal’s memories. More than obsession, Hammond envies his life. Joker is indeed crazy, but he prefers his crazy life than live a solitary existence like his nemesis. Hammond, on the other hand, is stranger than he will ever be.

Green Lantern’s villain is one of the most unique antagonists in DC Comics. Whatever his deal is with wanting to live out Hal’s personal (and even public) life, only he knows the answer to that.


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